Mullayanagiri Trek: Highest Peak of Karnataka

I was inquisitive about the route and tried my level best to get a ride from Kemmangundi to Baba Budan Giri or Mullayanagiri but there was no public transport on that route and private taxi was too taxing on my budget. My incessant efforts finally settled down and I decided to follow the conformist way. From Kemmangundi, I returned back to Lingadahalli and then got another connecting bus to Chikmagalur.
Trekking map Chikmagalur

A: Tarikere,B: Kemmangundi,C: Baba Budan Giri Peak,D: Mullayangiri Peak,E: Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is not only the gateway to Western Ghats but it is also one of the largest coffee producer’s districts of the country. I reached Chikmagalur at around 8:00 PM so I was a bit apprehensive about getting an accommodation but I got struck with a pleasant surprise.  I got a decent room with clean bed sheet and toilet in just 150 Rs… Hang on… one liter Aquafina water was also complementary with the rent… We do criticize our country all the time for its innumerous problems and inconvenience… but did you ever get a free water bottle even in one of the finest five star accommodations in first world countries? ....forget about the price tag though…. And till then, My legs were paining like hell because of arduous trek to Hebbe Falls so I slept early.
Sarpadhari : starting point of Mullayanagiri trek
                           Sarpadhari : starting point of Mullayanagiri trek 
Next morning, I went to bus stand and boarded a bus to Mullayanagiri base point but unfortunately I was in the wrong bus which dropped me at Kaimara where I befriended with Mr Rajesh who also offered me a tea. He used to work in Bangalore but could not caught up with big city so finally he is content in a small town called Kaimara adjoining to majestic western Ghats. It’s an enriching experience to meet people who return back to their roots after exploring the other side of planet.  After an hour, I hopped into the bus going towards Baba Budan Giri and asked the driver to drop me at the starting point of Mullayanagiri trek.
Trail uphill on Mullayanagiri trek
                                  Trail uphill on Mullayanagiri trek
Standing at an altitude of 1930 meter, Mullayanagiri peak is the highest peak of Karnataka and a challenge for trekkers. Mullayanagiri peak lies in the Baba Budan Giri range of Western Ghats which is blessed with rich flora, fauna and minerals. The starting point of Mullayanagiri trek is called Sarpadhari although there is a concrete road that goes till Mullayanagiri peak via Sitalayanagiri temple but there was no public transport on this route. From Sarpadhari, there is a steep trek of 4 km till Mullayanagiri peak which is moderately difficult. Be careful while trekking in monsoon, some of the rock patches are difficult and dangerous.  The initial stretch of the trek has some breath- taking vertical slopes those can be a severe challenge for an acrophobic person. Being solo made a bit anxious on this trek but the incredible view of Western Ghats revitalized my strength.  
Nandi Statue on the way to Mullayanagiri
                            Nandi Statue on the way to Mullayanagiri
After 2-3 km, I reached to an old temple under a big tree entangled with dense shrubs which made it difficult to locate the actual deity. I was lightened up to see relatively horizontal land on my way.  After hiking more, I reached to a Cave which is very close to Mullayanagiri peak. The Cave provides shelter to those who wants to stay on the peak in night.  A temple is built on Mullayanagiri peak which is maintained by Karnataka Police. The Temple authority also assists if you want to pitch in your tents on the peak. Strong wind flow and concentrated mist on the peak dropped the temperature significantly.  I can imagine how challenging it would be to spend a night on the peak without warm clothing. Even in afternoon, I was shivering in my short and T shirt. There was no visibility from the peak therefor it was certainly a walk in the clouds experience.
Cave near Mullayanagiri peak
                                 Cave near Mullayanagiri peak
Most of the people prefer to come here by road in their own private transport rather than following the strenuous trekking trail.  There was none on the peak when I reached there and temple was also closed so I asked the temple supervisor to open it. I was also attacked by leeches which were very common for me after trekking for so long in Western Ghats. After kneeling down at the temple, I decided to descend back via concrete road. I was hoping to get a lift till the main road which I later got after reaching Sitalayanagiri temple. Sitalayanagiri temple lies 2 km before Mullayanagiri peak.  Thanks to the family who allowed me in their car and dropped me till the main road which saved 5km of walking.
Mullayanagiri peak
                                            Mullayanagiri peak
After accomplishing Mullayanagiri peak, I was again on the same road waiting for a ride to Baba Budan Giri peak.


Important Distances
Chikmagalur- Mullayanagiri peak [16km, Via Sitalayanagiri, No Public Transport ]
Chikmagalur- Sarpadhari [Mullayanagiri base point, 8km, Private busses]
Chikmagalur-Bangalore [Via Hassan, 241 km, 6 hours]
Sarpadhari[Mullayanagiri base point] – Attigundi[Baba Budan Giri base]: 6km, private busses

Clouds enveloping Mullayanagiri
                                      Clouds enveloping Mullayanagiri

Stay and Food@ Mullayanagiri Peak
You can pitch in your tents near temple on the peak. Carry your own food items

Travel Tips

* If you are going by your own vehicle, you can reach Mullayanagiri peak by road. There is a parking facility on the peak.
* Because of heavy mist, Monsoon is not the best time to visit if you want to do photography but ironically Monsoon is the best time to trek Mullayanagiri peak.
* You can hire a bike from Chikmagalur and drive till Mullayanagiri peak and other nearby peaks [Recommended]

Contact Inayath harish for hiring a bike: 9483634751/ 9341778402/ 9481394189/ 08262 326959
* There are 1-2 days trek starting from Mullayanagiri to Baba Budan Giri and then till Kemmangundi. These treks can be organized from Chikmagalur

Download printable PDF map

Download a very useful map of Chikmagalur

My doubt is can we take our

My doubt is can we take our own tent and pitch somewhere for the night..
And also are der any spots to pitch tent in and near chikmagalur ?will be of great help if you hav answers for dis
Thank yoy

you can pitch in your tents

you can pitch in your tents at Mullayangiri peak itself.

+- Vishnu

Do we need permissions for

Do we need permissions for that.. or we can go n do without any permission ?

Hi vishnu   My doubt is can

Hi vishnu


My doubt is can we take our tent and pitch it somewhere in the night.. something like that.. 

Yes. you can carry your own

Yes. you can carry your own tents and pitch in. no problem.

Permissions are not required.

Permissions are not required. there is a police post the peak of Mullayangiri and generally they give you permission.

+- Vishnu

Hi bro, If I want to trek

Hi bro,

If I want to trek from mulyangiri to bababudangiri throughridgess, whether I have to take permissions or not. If I have to means where to take permissions and what is the process for getting permissions


Kindly provide the info





I am not sure if you will

I am not sure if you will require a permission for that. I know there are group trekking tours from Bababudangiri to Mullayangiri. You can check it at BabaBudangiri.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu,Your blog is really

Hi Vishnu,Your blog is really informative.this weekend I am planning to go sarpadri-mulyan-bababudhan. And this solo trekking can you please suggest and guide me where I want to pitch my tents and whether we need to pay anything for pitching tents or trekking. If we pitch tents their is their chances for food why because I'm planning this trip sat and Sunday.

Please bro help me on this...kindly share the info and tell the best way for two days trip



Thanks in advance bro


I am sure it is very much

I am sure it is very much do-able solo provided you had previous camping experience. Wind is very harsh at some patches. I would suggest to pack your food for entire trek. you can not rely on finding it enroute. there are no villages i guess.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, I am planning for

Hi Vishnu, I am planning for trip to mullayanagiri, bababudangiri and kemmanagundi with my gf in next week end, my question is can I cover all this place in a single day and wt are the places to see in kemmanagundi. 

One day would be very taxing.

One day would be very taxing. I would not deny that its not possible. You can read my blogpost about Kemmangundi to know about places to see there.

Hi Vishnu We friends, around

Hi Vishnu

We friends, around 8 of us are planning to visit Chikmagalur at around January end. We are from Hyderabad

After reading up your blog, I realized that going to Chikmagalur is easy but taking hotel in Chikmagalur and travelling around 20, 30 km for treks is difficult because of low frequent public transport. 

If we want to cover as many hills in 3 days, where do you suggest we should stay? 

Which ones to visit first?

How to go to these places and also, we need to have a return to the hotel in the evening . So can we get autos or cabs wherever we want? 

Basically, how do you suggest us to move around from hotel to hills? 

Are there any local trekking guides/ tours which do one day treks and do you know any? 

And between, Kudremukh and Mullayanagiri which is better? 

And are there any hotels near Kudremukh to stay? 

Kudremukh is a technical trek

Kudremukh is a technical trek however Mullayangiri can also be reached by road. I do not think there is any place to stay inside Kudremukh national park. you can stay in nearby villages.

On your original plan, i would suggest you to stay for one night in Kemmunagundi and remaining in Chikamagalur. There are no hills on walkable distance from Chikamagalur. Kemmunagundi is however on the hill side so you can easily walk and stroll on the hillside.

From Chikamagalur, you will need bus,Autos etc to reach towards hills.

+- Vishnu

I am planing to trek solo

I am planing to trek solo from Sarpadhari to uphill,


1. Is there any danger if I do trek solo


3. Can I find the way easyly to reach uphill & there won't be confusions right so that I miss the way 

No No.. no danger in trekking

No No.. no danger in trekking solo.. however its bit steep hike...

a bit of confusion. trail is not well out-lined. use common sense and you would reach easily.

+- Vishnu

Hi  vishnu,firstly thanks for

Hi  vishnu,firstly thanks for ur blog which helped me to plan for a trip to Chikmagalur.One thing i wana know from u is that where did u stayed in Chikmagalur with a rent of Rs.150 

it was a cheap lodge very

it was a cheap lodge very near to the main bus stand.. there are few lodges.. rooms are very small but ok for budget travelers..

Hi, I am planning a solo

Hi, I am planning a solo budget travel to Mullayangiri. Can I rely on public transport from Chikamagalur to M.giri? It would be even more better if I have the option to walk 6-7KM to the destination. Please guide me..

Yes. there are few buses

Yes. there are few buses towards Baba Budan giri and i guess one direct bus till Mullayangiri. If you want to trek then follow the route which i had taken...

Hi, I would like to know


I would like to know about some places from where we could rent bikes in chikmanglur, as you mentioned in this blog of yours.

Do you know any such place there from this could be done.

kindly let me know if possible.

I had mentioned a number as

I had mentioned a number as well. you can try calling the guy and inquire..

Do we have parking at

Do we have parking at sarpadhri so that we can park our car and go?

We want to start our trek from Sarpadri and go towards mullayangiri.

Pls advise


There is no parking as such

There is no parking as such but you can leave you vehicle.. its all safe...

Hi Vishnu, Is Hebbe falls is

Hi Vishnu,

Is Hebbe falls is open for tourist?

Because i found in wikipedia that, its closed.


Can Z-point in Kemmanagundi and Hebbe falls can be seen in a Day?

Hebbe falls is no longer open

Hebbe falls is no longer open for tourists. Had it been open you could have easily covered Z-point and hebbe falls in one day. Z-point is very close to kemmangundi.

Hello Vishnu, We area group

Hello Vishnu,

We area group of 8 planning to leave on 20th MArch 2015.You need to help me out on this

1)Where to camp on the night we reach so that it will be easy for us for the next morning to trek Mullyangiri?

2)What time to start from the base camp so that we reach uphill and trek up mullyangiri beforirie sunrise?

3)On the same day planning to go to baba budangiri and camp?Tell me what time we need to leave mullyangiri?

3)we have entire sunday with us so plan a best itenary to eee places around

4)Caming on both the days and need some offrading track to experience some adventerous ride


Here is my take 1) I will

Here is my take

1) I will suggest to pitch in the tent at Mullayangiri only.

2) it takes 2-3 hours if you are doing trek.

3) Yes, you can reach Baba Budangiri on the same day and camp.

Rest you can figure out once you are there.

+- Vishnu

      Hey vishnu  Eight of us




Hey vishnu 

Eight of us friends are planning a trip to chikmangalur on the 20th of this month by our own vehicle and were  there from 20th night to 22nd evening .

I've been hearing there are issues with putting up our own tents and camping .

Tell me about it and what's the best location and place to camp on our own without getting in any sort of trouble . 

Were looking to trek baba budan giri and mullayangiri so will we be able to set up tents en route to the peaks ? 



















If there is problem in

If there is problem in pitching tents near Mullayangiri peak then i would suggest to do it in between the trail or near Baba Budangiri. couple of years back it was OK to pitch in tent near Mullayangiri peak.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, I am going with my

Hi Vishnu,

I am going with my friends. Can start from bangalore early in the morning only by bike. I have a couple of options in my mind. Can you please help me with the choosing/improving the options?

1) Reach chikmaglur. Park my vehicle at a hotel in chikmaglur and take auto/taxi to sarpadhari. Start trekking from afternoon to mullyanagiri. Come back after reaching the peak and spend night back @hotel. Next morning, go to mullyanagiri directly. then start for bababudangiri. and then head back to bangalore.


2)Reach mullyanagari peak directly by bike. Camp there and start trekking for babaudanagiri next morning.

Can you tell me about the parking and camping option at sarpadhari, mullyanagiri and bababudanagiri ? This will be a weekend trip and time is constraint !

Awaiting your response!



I will sugggest to go for the

I will sugggest to go for the second option. There is parking space near Mullyangiri peak and its much better than staying in the hotel.

Vishnu Kumar

Hi Vishnu, Thanks for your

Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for your reply ! What are the options available at mullyanagiri apart from parking space ? Is that a secured parking. Can we come back to mullyanagiri from bababudanagiri by any public transport or auto/taxi ? 



Hi vishnu, my self with my

Hi vishnu, my self with my friends planing to go mullayangiri this weekend in car, getting to know that the road is not that good and need experience to drive through. so where can i park the car, which is the best place to park and start treking. 

Sorry for the late response.

Sorry for the late response. I guess you had a nice trip.  Yes, there is parking space near Mullayangiri peak.

H Vishnu, My friends and me

H Vishnu,

My friends and me around 10-12 are planing to visit chikmagalur this month,will be reaching there on 26th night and leave on 28th by noon.We are planing for trekking mallyangiri so can you help me out with accomodation for us,im not able to find any guest house or homestay providing camping facilities.Il be grateful to you,if you help me out with this Smile

Hi Kiran, There is no

Hi Kiran,

There is no permanent accommodation place at the peak of Mullayangiri however there is lot of space for pitching in the tent. most of the trekkers generally pitch in their tents near the peak.

I have dropped the number of the guy who arranges trekking tours in this region. you try to call him up for see if he can arrange accommodation for your group at Mullayangiri peak.

+- Vishnu

Can u give the contact number

Can u give the contact number of the person who organises trekking and camping in mullayanagari peak. Please

Hi Vasanth, you can try

Hi Vasanth,

you can try calling the number mentioned in the blogpost.

+- Vishnu

This number you had asked

This number you had asked contact for bikes right? 9483634751????

that is for bike as well for

that is for bike as well for trek.

Hi Vishnu,   My family is

Hi Vishnu,


My family is planning to have a trip to chikmagalur in car. And we are gonna stay in chikmagalur. From there we are planning to visit Mullayangiri and Baba Budan giri. Could they be covered in same day. How is the condition of the route towards these places? Are they safe to drive by car?


Yes, by car, Mullayangiri and

Yes, by car, Mullayangiri and Baba Budan Giri can be covered in single day easily. I think weather is fine in winter so roads would be good condition. Yes, perfectly safe to drive by car.

+- Vishnu

Vehicles should not be

Vehicles should not be allowed! Will be great pleasure to summit the peak for trekkers.

Sadly Vehicles are allowed

Sadly Vehicles are allowed till the summit peak. Road is motorable and there is also a police chauki at the top.

+- Vishnu

Hey we are plannin to go to

Hey we are plannin to go to mullayangiri. 

Whrn u say buses are allowed till the peak, are they mini buses?

Or is the size of d bus like a rajahamsa bus?

Bcos we re 40 of us plannin to come by a single pvt bus from bangalore. 

Kindly advice

There is sufficient space

There is sufficient space even for big buses..

I hav plan to trek with my

I hav plan to trek with my freinds(40 people).Can we take our bus till the base bcz road looks very narrow.Help me out buddy...plzzz

Yes, i think you can take the

Yes, i think you can take the bus all the way till the peak of Mullayangiri.. no problem at all... its wide enough for a bus and there is parking lot near the peak...

hey, we're heading to

hey, we're heading to chikmangalur end of this month. wanna ask few question:

- the guy's number u gave, can he speak english? (we're malaysian. we only know basic hindi)
- is local guide up to mulyanagiri peak is easily arranged in chikmangalur?
- what is the name of the lodge where u stay?

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