Kemmangundi and Hebbe Falls Trek

Situated at an altitude of 1434 meter, Kemmangundi (also known as KR hills) had been a favorite destination of wodeyar dynasty of Karnataka due to its salubrious climate through-out the year. This hill range is also known for its unique beauty in respect of geological and geographical exposures. In recent years, Kemmangundi started luring a large number of trekkers and wild life enthusiasts.  Being undocumented and unknown for years, the hidden treasure of Kemmangundi hills are now astounding the explorers. Kemmangundi is also an important reserve of Iron ores in Karnataka.
Lush green landscape near kemmangundi
Lush green landscape near Kemmangundi
Journey in brief


Caught Shimoga express from Bangalore that reached Tarikere early in the morning

Booking in sleeper compartment is easy in this train
Sleeper Fare: 208 Rs

Tarikere- Lingadahalli

Getting a bus from Tarikere is a pain.  Not frequent connectivity


Lingadahalli- Kemmangundi

By Auto (150Rs)

Trek to Hebbe Falls


Trekking map Chikmagalur
Trekking map Chikmagalur
A=Tarikere, B= Kemmangundi, C= Baba Budan Giri, D= Mullayanagiri, E=Chikmagalur
How to reach Kemmangundi:
Captivating Surroundings near kemmanagundi
Captivating Surroundings near kemmanagundi
Route one:
Bangalore-Birur- Lingadahalli- Kemmangundi
Bangalore-Tarikere- Lingadahalli- Kemmangundi

This one the most convenient and recommended route to Kemmangundi. If you are coming from Bangalore, You can get down at Tarikere or Birur (These both are railway stations and also lie on Bangalore-Shimoga highway). After reaching Tarikere or Birur, You will have to struggle for commutation till Kemmangundi. There are no government busses (KSRTC) on this route. The first private bus starts from Tarikere to Kemmangundi is at around 8:00 AM. This bus goes via Lingadahalli. Private busses are not frequent on this route.

Another alternative is to first get a bus to Lingadahalli from Tarikere or birur. After that Kemmangundi is some 12 km from Lingadahalli, You can either go via private Auto (150Rs) or wait for direct bus to Kemmangundi.

Private bus timings from/to Kemmungundi (These busses are run by a private operator SRMS)
First bus to Kemmungundi from Lingadahalli: 9:00 AM
First bus from Kemmungundi to Lingadahalli : 10:00 AM
Last bus to Kemmungundi from Lingadahalli: 2:30 PM
Last bus from Kemmungundi to Lingadahalli: 4:30 PM

Bus frequency: Once in 2 hours, There are no busses and other connectivity from/to Kemmangundi in the night.
A Misty woodland near kemmanagundi
                                       A Misty woodland near kemmanagundi
Route two:
Bangalore- Chikmagalur –Mullayanagiri - Baba Budan Giri/AttigundiKemmangundi


This one is the most scenic drive that one can have amidst Western Ghats. It’s only recommended if you are going by private transport. You can easily reach Chikmagalur from Bangalore (There are many busses). From Chikmagalur, take state highway 57 till Kaimara and then take left towards Mullayanagiri/Baba Budan Giri. There are very less private busses (one in three hours) from Chikmagalur to Baba Budan Giri those go via Mullayanagiri base (Sarpadhari). But after Baba Budan Giri , there is no public transport that goes till Kemmangundi. I enquired with some locals about public transport on that route and they quoted that the road condition is very poor and it lies in Bhadra Tiger reserve so they do not prefer to take that road. This road was used while commuting on horses. However there is also a 1 day trekking route from Baba Budan Giri to Kemmangundi.

First bus from Chikmagalur to Baba Budan Giri: 7:00 AM
Last bus from Baba Budan Giri to Chikmagalur: 5:00 PM
Kemmanagundi from a distance
Kemmanagundi from a distance
Another alternative (A hybrid of route first and second)
Bangalore- Chikmagalur- Lingadahalli- Kemmangundi

By Train: Tarikere (35 km) is the nearest rail-head.

Important Distances to know:
Chikmagalur-57km (Via Mullayanagiri)
Dattha peeta (Baba Budan Giri)-31Km
Hebbe Falls-13 km
Kalhati Falls-11 km


Hebbe Falls
                                                  Hebbe Falls

Trekking to Hebbe Falls is always on the top of bucket list for most of the tourists traveling to Kemmangundi. There are two routes to reach Hebbe falls from Kemmangundi. The first one and the most popular is a mud road where only 4*4 wheeled drive vehicles (Jeeps) can ply offering you a free bumpy ride. The total distance by this route is some 13 km (1 hour by Jeep) and if you happen to get a shared jeep, it will cost you around 250 Rs.  After 7-8 km from Kemmangundi, there is a view point to Hebbe falls.   Other than Hebbe falls, the trek in itself is a delightful walk in Monsoon when thick mist encases the entire surroundings leaving you with very short visibility. This misty deciduous forest looks scary in Monsoon and offers a pre historical slice of planet earth. Walking further, you will also see distant lakes and some small villages surrounded by paddy fields.
Thin water streams on the trek
                                         Thin water streams on the trek

Jeep will drop you 1 km before Hebbe Falls and from there you will have to walk through coffee plantation and cross the same water streams 2-3 times. You need to be cautious with leech attacks while crossing those water streams. And after all this little adventure, you will reach to the bottom of Hebbe Falls. Hebbe Falls is a multi-tiered fall and you won’t get the full length view from the bottom.  Mist and water spray will certainly drench you if you will get closer to the falls. Unlike other waterfalls, Hebbe falls is less visited due to it inaccessibility by road that’s why It’s one the pristine waterfalls of Karnataka laying amidst high range of Western Ghats and flowing silently through a dense forest.  Trekking to Hebbe falls can be an exhausting or a wounding (it leech attacks) experience but certainly a rapturous one as well.
Hebbe Falls from a distance
Hebbe Falls from a distance
Another route to Hebbe falls is a forest trail and not recommended for solo trekkers. This trail passes through thick forest of Bhadra Tiger reserve and total distance by this route is some 8 km. It’s an offbeat trek with a very high chance of sighting wild life.

* Its recommended to walk all the way till Hebbe falls from Kemmungundi enjoying the quietude of surroundings. It’s a very picturesque route with awe-inspiring views. Believe me; you won’t get tired of walking.
* It’s a challenge for bike riders to drive till the falls. Few patches of the route are really steep and slippery for bikes.
* Leech attack is very common, if possible carry shampoo sachets.
* Enroute to Hebbe falls on the trek; there are some small tea shop.


Kemmanagundi photo
                                               Kemmanagundi photo
Kalhatti falls: Kalhatti falls is 10 km from Kemmangundi. It lies on the way to Lingadahalli and in fact it is easily sighted from Lingadahalli town. There is also a temple near waterfalls. One can drive till the bottom of the Kalhatti falls.

Rock Garden: Rock garden is some 1 km far from Horticulture department. There is a road going uphill from the main office and you need to take the narrow pathway going straight from the first hair pin bend. There is sign board indicating direction to Rock garden, Shankara Shola, Shanti Falls, Z-Point. Jeeps can go till Z point on this route.

Shanti Falls: 2 km from Kemmangundi on the way to Z point
Walking through coffee estates
Walking through coffee estates
Shankara Shola: Maintained by horticulture department, production of potato seeds, flowers and vegetables.

Z Point: It’s a popular vantage point offering spectacular views of Western Ghats if traveling post monsoon. In monsoon, you won’t be able to see much due to heavy fog. Z-point is also the starting pointing of Kemmangundi - Baba Budan Giri trek.

Raj Bhavan/Dathatri Bhavan:  It’s another view point very close to Kemmangundi hill. There is a beautiful park on the hill top which also has a solar power plant. In monsoon, generally clouds enclose the entire hill and diminish the visibility to couple of meters but still it’s a favorite hangout for couples.
Near Raj Bhavan Kemmanagundi
Near Raj Bhavan Kemmanagundi


Stay at Kemmangundi:
Horticultural department started developing this hill station few years back and now there are good number of rooms they rent for travelers. You can get a room starting from 250 Rs. I could also see some cheap dormitories options (especially for trekking groups) just outside the horticulture campus. Some private companies are also building luxury resorts nearby. If you are traveling on weekends, please do the prior booking from Bangalore itself.

For booking during season: 080-26611925, 26571925 (Department head office Lag bagh)
For booking in non-season: 08262-24126, 235334 (Horticulture Department Guest House)

In worst case scenario, you can also stay at Tarikere (I had seen a lodge near railway station)

An Amazing view of the hills
                                             An Amazing view of the hills

Restaurants at Kemmangundi:
There is a restaurant near horticulture department that serves typical south Indian meal (50RS) which includes Sambar and rice. However there are plenty of options for tea, snacks and omelet.


Download printable PDF map

Download a very useful map of Chikmagalur

Hi Vishnu, Are bikes

Hi Vishnu,

Are bikes available for rent in chikmaglore ? If yes please help us with the numbers if u know any.


Thanks in advance



Hi Vishnu.. Me and my friends

Hi Vishnu.. Me and my friends (totally 9 members) r looking to visit d following places in our own vehicle 


2. Kudremukh 


4.Baba Budhangiri 

5.Hebbe falls

Can v cover d above places in 4 days? & Can u let me know d entry fees(per vehicle/person)  fr d above places plz

Hi... Yes, 4 days are

Hi... Yes, 4 days are sufficient for visiting the places you highlighed. Hebbe falls is now closed for tourists. Kemmangundi, Mullayanagiri and Baba Budhangiri can be reached on your vehicle but Kudremukh is a trek.

+- Vishnu

hi vishnu am planning this

hi vishnu am planning this week end to chikmangalore hebbe falls is it any nearest homestay available for 8 members in budget for one night stay nearest or on the way to hebbe falls ? 

Hebbe falls is no longer open

Hebbe falls is no longer open for tourists. you can live in Kemmanagundi though..

hi vishnu, me n my husband is

hi vishnu,

me n my husband is planning for a weakend trip to chikmagalur or kemmangundi,we r planning to leave bangalore by saturday 2 PM and we have to b back to mysore on sunday please let me know which are all the places can be seen during his span and let me know about condition of roads as we r travelling by our own vehicle....pls rply as soon as possible


It is very short period. you

It is very short period. you should plan only Chikmagalur and Mullayangiri. Roads were bad when i visited but it seems roads improved a lot recently.

+_ Vishnu

Hi vishn,   firstly thanks

Hi vishn,


firstly thanks for maintaining an active blog.I want to travel alone to chikmagalur and wanted to stay  there for 4-6 days.


I wanted to stay in Bhadra Forest Resort (river tern lodge) for 1 night and two days (its there in there package for 1n/2d).After that I want to see all the places near chikmagalur. I can stay there for 2 to 4 days.I'm from hyderabad and can reach to bangalore by train .


So can you please suggest  me some means of transport from bangalore to bhadra forest resort with aprox fairs and from there to chikmagalur.


BY reading your blog I came to know that we can hire bike in chikmagalur and roam in the town.But can u please mention the aprox rent of that bikes per day.


And i wanted to do Kemmanagundi trecking ,Baba Budan Giri trecking  and visit Kalhatti falls,Shanti Falls,Shankara Shola,Raj Bhavan and Z Point ,can I take this rented bike and reach there to do trecking( I mean is parking available there) and see all this places .


And can u please suggest me the budget frendly and comfortable places to stay (not more then 500 per day with single bed and atached wash room)and eat in chikemangulur and Kemmangundi.

I do not know much about

I do not know much about Bhadra Forest Resort but i guess there is a train from Bangalore which can drop you nearby. Public transport is very thin in this part of Karnataka. Buses are there but not very frequent..

Yes, you can get bikes on rent. Number is given in the blog. you can call the guy and inquire rent.

Kemmanagundi is not a trek. its a little town in the hills. Baba Budan giri is also connected with road. you can walk or take your bike. All those falls are not very far from Kemmanagundi. you can visit those when you are in Kemmanagundi.. Parking is available everywhere.

Chikmangalur has got many accommodation options. most of the budget accommodations are near bus stand..Kemmanagundi has a forest guest house.


Hi Vishnu! 3 of my friends

Hi Vishnu!

3 of my friends and I are planning for this trek from Mangalore. Our budget is pretty tight at around 1500. Could you please suggest an itinerary for this?

Thanks in advance! Smile

1500 for 3 is really tight

1500 for 3 is really tight budget.. you can take buses to Chikmangalur and then public transport to Baba Budangiri. There is a cheap lodge opposite Chikamagalur bus stand..

Sir ! My aged parents are

Sir ! My aged parents are planning to visit the following places, please help me out in this as i am not able to route it out. The places are as follows. mysore-chikamagaluru-mullayanagiri-bhadra wild life-baba budangiri-kemmanugundu-kalhatti falls-rock garden-shimoga-sakarebayalu-sagara-kodachadri-siganduru-jog falls-sirsi-gokarna-idagungi-agumbe-mangalore-madikeri-mysore.i am really confused how to make an route map of all these places & any other sight seeing places which i have missed. it can be 5nts/6 days or 6nts/7days. where all they can halt.Their major sight seeing are : temples, dams, waterfalls, historical places, garden.Please Please help me out in this. 

6 nights and 7 days are

6 nights and 7 days are little less to cover all of these sights even if you are driving your own vehicle. No Point making it so hectic. Udupi is something you can also include.Mysore to Chikmafaluru is far.  you can made a correct sequence, you need to decide overnight stay for each day. rest is fine..

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu,We (8 Members) are

Hi Vishnu,
We (8 Members) are planning a trip to Chikmagalur this weekend(October 3rd n 4th).
i want to confirm
1. whether Night trekking is allowed in MullayanaGiri,Baba Budangiri  
2. are they allowing visitors to Hebbe Falls,Kallathigiri falls and other falls.
3. and let me know which other places we can visit within two days.

Thanks in Advance..Smile

Sorry for the late

Sorry for the late response.

Night trekking should not be a problem from Mullayangiri to Baba Budangiri

Hebbe falls is closed but other water falls are open

2 days are little less to visit all the places. i think you can include Kemangundi, Mullayangiri

+- Vishnu

Hi, We, 8 members planned to


We, 8 members planned to visit to Chikmangalur, Kemmanangudi, Belur, Halabedu & Sringeri/Shimoga  from Madurai. We will be reach Bangalore on 01.10.2015 morning 6.30am. We need to be in Bangalore Railway station on 04.10.2015 afternoon 4pm for return to Madurai. Please guide us to choose one of the following

1.Take a vechile from Bangalore Railway ststion itself and go to Chikmangalur and come back to Bangalore on 04th Oct

2.Take a Bangalore-  Hubli passenger train @7.45am  , reach Birur @1pm. Then take a vechile from Birur Station and visit the places mentioned. For return, on 04.10.2015, catch Dharwar-Bangalore Exp @10.10am from Birur and reach Bangalore @2.15pm

All 3 nights we are planned to stay at Chikmanlur.

Could you please commet on this or give a alternate better itinary for our trip..... It will grest helpful for us.

We need to plan out little economically. Also please suggest some places for stay at chikmagalur



Hi Rajasekar. If you are 8

Hi Rajasekar.

If you are 8 members then hiriing a private vehicle is not a bad idea. It will be lot more convienent than taking trains/buses. With private vehicle, you will get more time to spend at places shortlisted.

Why are you planning all 3 days at Chikmangalur. you can also stay at Belur for a night or Shimoga.

+- Vishnu

Hi, Thanks for maintaining


Thanks for maintaining this page: lot of useful information. Can you suggest how to book a trekking guide. We are a group of 3 folks going to chikmagalur and want to do 2-3 different treks. However, with each treeking guide company they organize fixed departure tours for 1 or 2 days. Whereas we want different treks combined in a single tour and our plan is to stay there for 3 days.

kindly help.


Hi Swroop, I do not know any

Hi Swroop,

I do not know any tour agency in and around Chikmagalur. I wish i could have helped. However all you need to find a guide and rest can be arranged easily. there are 2-3 treks those can be combined. for instance, you can go Mullayangiri-Baba Budangiri and Zero point as a combined trek.

Unfortuntely i do not know any tour guide.

+- Vishnu

Hi, We are 10 members


We are 10 members travelling on 12th of this month(weekend plan) from bangalore to Chikamagalur. We have already booked rooms in a lodge at IG Road. And also we have booked a TT so that we dont face any problem to travel in there. We have planned according to what you have suggested in the previous comments. We leave from bangalore arround 1 am so that we reach kemmanugundi early in the morning, visit Z-point, then to our lodge evening to Mullayangiri and baba budangiri. so next day we still have time till 12 pm before we leave to bangalore, so can u suggest any one place to visit before we leave.

Thanl you

I think your schedule is

I think your schedule is already tight. No need to pitch more destinations in this list.

Hi,   Please let me know



Please let me know whether Tourist are allowed or not to Hebbefalls   

Tourists are not allowed to

Tourists are not allowed to Hebbe Falls now.

hello, we friends of five


we friends of five people have this plan to visit



3.bhadra sactuary

4.hebbe falls

we are travelling by ksrtc bus to chikmaglur.Can you guide me through the best way......the travel is 24th night departing bangalore and returning to bangalore by 26th night.....please guide me through the visit.....and do we get private vehicles from lodges or hotels to visit these places.....and how much would the vehicles cost


Hebbe falls is out of bound

Hebbe falls is out of bound for tourists so you can remove it from the list. Bhadra Tiger reserver again needs more time. you need to arrange a safari or something.

I would suggest you guys to start from Bangalore in the evening, reach Tarikere in morning and visit Kemmungundi first. After visiting Kemmungundi and nearby places, you should catch something back to Chikmagloor. Stay overnight in Chikmagloor and then visit Mullayangiri and Bababudan giri next day.  you are only staying for 1 night in Chikmanglore. it is easy to find accommodation. Public transport in thin in this region so i would suggest you to hire a private taxi.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, We are planning to

Hi Vishnu,

We are planning to come 18th and 19th of July 2015. And we are planning to start form Bangalore at 6AM and we directly go to kemmanagundi from there we thought of going to Z-point by trekking is that fine because we may reach at 3PM to kemmanagundi so after that is that good to go Z-point?


And the next day we are planning to leave early morning from our hotel (good earth homestay) from that place to Mullayangiri 27km. so we thought of going BaBa Budangiri trek some link they mention 7.4 km and other link 10 km so what is the exact km form Mullayangiri siva temple to BaBa Bugangiri. And is that fine for to go at this time?


If its not could you please suggest some place to visit. We gonna start Bangalore  at 6AM based on that could you please give some suggestion.


Thanks in advance,


You can easily go to Z point

You can easily go to Z point on the same day. Its very close to Kemmanagundi.

For Baba Budangiri, you do not need to trek. you can also go in your vehicle. Trek is fairly easy. Mullayangiri can also be reached in car. its motorable till peak.

I think Mullayangiri, Baba Budangiri can be traveled next day. for first day, Z point is sufficient. Itinerary is pretty much outlined i guess.

+- Vishnu

Hi,   We are planning to



We are planning to 2days trip to Hebbe falls. Is it open to tourists now??

We are 6people and coming from hyderabad. Can you please guide us on nearby places to spend for two days.




No. Hebbe falls is not open

No. Hebbe falls is not open for tourists. you should visit Kemmungundi, Mullayangiri, Z Point, Baba Budangiri in 2 days.

+- Vishnu

Namaskaram!   I've finally



I've finally got a page with active responses. We are a group planning for a 3.5days trip to Chikmangalore region from Chennai (Self-Drive from Bengaluru). Initially tough we were really overwelmed with the trip, we ended up confusing ourselves to the extent of cancelling the very trip. 


Out of breif browsing, with my personal understanding, Chennai - Bengaluru - Chikmangalore - Mullayangiri - BabaBudan Giri - Kemmangudi is the plan/Route A.


Bro, how about covering Kurdremukh national Park; Agumbe etc., 
Or, can you pls give us an apt plan which could be covered in this  3.5days.

P.S: Pls enlighten us on few more things, like.,

1. Camping & Camp fire possible over night at any of these places on our own?
2. Can we go by our own Car to all these places since i've read roads are not good at some places.

3.  Or, Which are the moderate peaks for trekking. And, can we park our vehicles before kicking on trekking at any of the given place?


Thank you in advance, take care. 

Agume and Kurdremukh will be

Agume and Kurdremukh will be little detour. Kudrekmukh is actually a trek and if you are not trekking then no point taking the detour. Similarly Agumbe will again be a long detour. Considering number of days in hand, i would suggest to stick with the plan highlighted.

1) Camping is possible at the peak of Mullayangiri and baba budan giri. you can do camp fire as well.

2) Roads are in bad shape but still motorable. you can reach all the places in your car.

3) In all of these places, there is a lot for self marked random treks so you can park your vehicle anywhere and do the moderate hiking till you feel exhausted. Other known treks are at least for a day so i would not suggest to club those.

+- Vishnu

Dear Vishnu, Thank you very

Dear Vishnu,

Thank you very much for all your detailed information about this location. I would like to visit this place along with my family from Hyderabad in the month of Jul-2015 either 2nd or 3rd week to this place. Can you please let me know is this the right time to visit during this mansoon rainy season? Or will I get any difficulties ? Please advise me.

I'm planning to come along with my car from Hyderabad so, can you please suggest me can I cover JOG Waterfalls during my journey? If my Time is not constraint ?


Thank you very much.



Monsoon is indeed good time

Monsoon is indeed good time to travel Western Ghats. Landscape will be lush green during monsoon.  If you have one week then you can have a comprehensive tour covering Jog falls as well. I do not see any difficulty driving during monsoon.

First you can visit Kemmangundi, Baba Budan Giri, Mullayanagiri, Chikmagalur and then go to Shimoga and Jog falls. there are many other places which can also be included in your itinerary.

+- Vishnu

Dear Vinshnu, we are 5 family

Dear Vinshnu,

we are 5 family planning to visit kemmungund and planned to stay at Kemmungundi homestay. the places are

Here the places we want to cover on 4 days; 1. Mullayanagiri Peak 2. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary 3. Baba Budangiri 4. Hebbe falls wish to shower 5. Shanthi falls 6. Kallathigiri falls 7. Manikyadhara falls 8. Baba Budangiri Rang 9. Hanuman Gundi falls 10. Helibeedu and others dates are 20th May to 24th May 2015.  pleas give ur suggestion to visit other places and tranport details and its contact info. thanks in advance.

i think you are already

i think you are already planning more than sufficient places to cover in the span of 5 days. Hallebidu will be little detour as well.

Hebbe falls is no longer open for tourists. I am not aware of other falls. Kallathiri is not very far from Kemmungundi. Bhadra wild life sanctuary is a good place. Keep halebidu at the end of the tour.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu,   We are planning

Hi Vishnu,


We are planning for the kemengendi falls on 28,29 March.

We wont be able to leave on friday, the best we can start is on Sat morning around 7-8 am

What is the best way to go? Bike or car.

We are planning to take sleeping bags as we are planning to stay in the forest area rather than hotel. Is it ok?

Please let me know.


Kemmungundi is very far if

Kemmungundi is very far if you want to go on bike.  Either way, you will reach by late afternoon so would not have much time to travel around. For sleeping, there is a forest rest house in Kemmangundi.

+- Vishnu

HI Vishnu, I am planning for

HI Vishnu,

I am planning for a visit to kemmangundi next week. I have few querries in this regard,

1.Hebbe falls is part of itenary. I want to know if Hebbe falls is open for tourists since I am getting mixed views about it. If yes how long will it take to reach from kemmangundi via jeep and via trek.

2.How safe is the ghat road from kemmangundi to mulliyanagri?

3.Kalhatti falls - Is it worth visiting?

Kindly reply. Thanks.

Hebbe falls is not open for

Hebbe falls is not open for tourists.

Kemmangundi to Mullayangiri road is not in good shape however motorable if you have a good vehicle with decent ground clearance.

Kalhatti is worth a visit.


Hi vishnu, After reading out

Hi vishnu,

After reading out ur blog, we friends are tempted to visit kemmangundi. we are planning it on Jan 23 from chennai and reach Bangalore by 11 pm and back to chennai on Jan 26 morning from bangalore.

Out of these two days, one day we planned to spend in Wonder la theme park. So is it feasible to spend the rest in Kemmanakundi. Basically we dont want to trek around, just stick around in one place and enjoy the scenic view, and a water fall would do.

In that case, please let us know which would be an apt place to visit and stay [sort of resort] in kemannakundi.




Hebbe Waterfall is now out of

Hebbe Waterfall is now out of bound for the tourists. You can definitely stay in Kemmangundi and travel around. In Kemmangundi, there is a forest rest house which is cheap. Besides, there are some resorts as well.

Hi, I would like to know if


I would like to know if route to Hebbe falls is open as I thought of visiting it in 2 weeks time also I would like to know about the weather. Is it the best time to visit?

Unfortunately, Hebbe falls is

Unfortunately, Hebbe falls is not closed for travelers. Winters are pleasant in Western ghats of Karnataka..

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, Many thanks for

Hi Vishnu, Many thanks for your postings which are certainly helpful for all travelers! I am planning for a weekend trip to Chikmagalur and leaving on Friday early morning by my car. My route to reach chikmagalur is via hassan road and Belur. First visit to Belur and then reach Chikmagalur by afternoon. I have taken a stay in Coffe County Stays in IG Road. Please help me by addressing the following which will help me to plan better:-

> Is it safe to park the car on road near Mathias towers where this home stay is located?

> On first day planning to visit Bhadra wildlife sanctuary in the evening by 4 PM, please advise if this is worth visiting?

> Saturday and sunday please advise me how should I plan to cover Mullyangiri, Baba budan giri, Kemmangundi with trek to Hebbe falls, Kalhatti falls and Z-Point.

> Can I take my car to these places and park nearby and then proceed for trekking? If so where can I park for Mullayangiri and Kemmangundi and how safe it is?

> Need your advise on my itinerary as I will be staying for 2 nights and return back on sunday evening via halebeedu.

Awaiting your quick response which will certainly help me.

Best Regards, Vinodh R

Hi Vinodh, Here is my take on

Hi Vinodh,

Here is my take on your queries

1) I do not know the location of the guest house and infact i do not know much about Chikmagalur. In general its safe to  leave car paked.

2) 4 PM would be little late to visit a sanctuary and that too during winters. It may get dark by the time you enter deep within the forest.

3) Yes, its safe. I have seen many cars parked there. It's fine to park the car for day treks.

4) I think in one day you can cover Mullayangiri, Baba Budan giri. By car, it will be faster.

Are you staying in Chikmagalur for both nights ?

I will recommend a night stay Kemmangundi and take the road from BabaBudangiri to Kemmangundi.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu,    Was seaching

Hi Vishnu,

   Was seaching for info on Hebbe falls and ended up at your blog. Really great piece of information. Thanks a lot.

   I am planing to visit the Kemmangundi this week. Plan is to reach Kemmangundi by afternoon and check-in to the resort. Post lunch leave to Hebbe falls . 

    Will the time be sufficient if we leave the resort at 1 pm to cover Hebbe falls before dark?

    Where can i get jeeps for hire? Are they available near horticulture guest house?

    What are the rates (approx) per person for the jeeps? We are 3 people only. And we are visiting on a Sunday afternoon.





Hi, If you are hiring a Jeep


If you are hiring a Jeep then it would be possible to visit Hebbe falls in half of the day else i will recommend to start by 10-11 AM.

Plenty of Jeeps are available near horticultural guest house and on the main road. will not be a problem hiring a jeep.

They do not charge per person basis. You will have to hire it privately. I do not know the exact amount but road is very bad. Infact there is no road so they might charge little higher that what you might be expecting. Although distance is not much.

let me know if you need more information.

+- Vishnu

Hello Vishnu,     Update on

Hello Vishnu,

    Update on my trip. I had been to Kemmangundi/Chikmagalur last week end and had a blast.

    Though only after reaching there i learnt that Hebbe falls is closed for tourists since 2012 Sad. They no more allow anybody to go there as its been declared a tiger reserve and Supreme Court it seems has issued an order to ban tourism there. But i also heard that it might be opening up soon once again for tourists. Will go there again if that happens Smile. Thanks again



Thanks for your update. I

Thanks for your update. I also heard similar news from one of my friends. I was not aware its fully baned. There had been a misfortunate event in the passed which caused it. Keep dropping by with useful information about places.

Please let me know if there

Please let me know if there is a furnished 3 bed room home we can hire for 10 weeks from March 15, 2015. We are senior citizens looking for extended stay .We expect visitors during our stay ,but it is mainly to enjoy nature and the environment.We prefer fully furnished home with self catering facilities.
Caretaker and help will be adequately compensated. Would appreciate any leads from you. We will have own transport from Bangalore.

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