Cholamu Lake - India's Highest Lake

 Himalayan range is abode of many of world’s high altitude lakes, many of these high altitude glacial lakes fall in India. World’s 14th highest lake and India’s highest lake is Cholamu lake.A mighty  elevation of 18000 feet from the sea level takes Cholamu lake to the top of the “highest lakes” list . While coming down the slope around 300 feet from Donkiala pass ( 18300 feet ) , one gets the first glimpses of this rather moderately sized , almost frozen lake.

cholamu lake , north sikkim , india's highest lake

at Thangu before Cholamu lake , almost frozen

 Donkiala pass is the north most Sikkim route which leads to Tibet border, which is just 5 kms from Donkiala pass.  This special geographical location of Cholamu lake makes it special and also makes it a very sensitive army area with Chinese army always putting pressure on international borders.

cholamu lake highest lake in india north sikkim

Cholamu Lake , India's Highest lake (18000 feet) (Image Courtesy : Rajesh Verma)

cholamu lake north sikkim india , very near to china border

Cholamu lake and Gurudongmar lake are connected by road (9 KM)

Cholamu lake being just 5 – 6 kms  away  from the Tibet border , is nearly off limits for commonplace tourists . One needs special permits, from Army and Sikkim police/administration to visit Cholamu lake. A normal tourist permit will only be issued to visit Cholamu Lake only when one has Army’s permit in place. Normally foreign nationals are not allowed to visit north most areas of Sikkim (this is unlike ladakh where both foreign nationals and Indians are allowed to visit tso Moriri Lake which shares its borders with China). Only Indians can get these special permits to visit two of the highest lakes in India that falls in this region, Cholamu Lake and Gurudongmar Lake.

gurudongmar lake , india's second highest lake , very near to Cholamu lake

Gurudongmar lake ,India’s second higest lake (world’s 15th highest ) at height of 17100 feet

(just 9 km away from Cholamu lake)

 Getting permit for  Cholamu lake :

If you are on a family trip with your beloved wife and kids, forget visiting Cholamu Lake , better opt for Gurudongmar lake ,if weather permits, for which one can get permit rather easily . Almost no travel agency will risk their vehicle and driver in this treacherous terrain, that is why if you ask them to arrange a permit for Cholamu lake , they will simply deny going there or at worse they will suggest you it is impossible to get the permit .

You must do following to acquire the required Restricted Area Permit (RAP)

  1. First thing first get your own vehicle enlightened , you need to submit details of your vehicle to get the permit.
  2. Visit The Department of Home, Government of Sikkim.This is located at Tashiling Secretariat, Gangtok
  3. Tel Nos. :
  4. At the secretariat submit your vehicle details your identity proof  and your residence proof  along with your passport sized photographs  (keep sufficient copies of each ,may be 10 or so  )
  5. Home department will issue letters addressing to (1)Inspector General Police, Gangtok (2) GSO-1, Black Cat Division, Indian Army, Deorali (3) the district collector of Mangan 4. sub-divisional officer of Chungthang (4) One copy for you. Collect all the letters yourself and submit them to respective departments to expedite the process.
  6. make sufficient copies of the above letters issues by home department for your journey.

 Foreign nationals can also get the Restricted Area Permit (RAP) but process is different for them. Contact your respective embassies before embarking on your journey to this area.

Reaching Cholamu lake

Best time to visit Cholamu lake is October and November, one can expect clear sky during this season of the year. Visiting Cholamu lake just after the monsoons is not a good idea if you are planning to visit this lake on your bike. By that time most of the roads would be washed away with rains, and Border road organization (BRO) must be busy patching up the road as fast as they can during this time period.

The journey starts from Gangtok , state capital of Sikkim , one can reach Gangtok from NJP or Siligudi ,these are the nearest railway station . Nearest airport is Bagdogra (Siligudi). 

Gangtok (4,715 ft)  ------ 66 KM ---> Mangan  (3950 ft) -----34 KM ----> Chungthang  (5600 feet)

Till chungthang  the route is same for both,if you are planning to trek up to the lake or ride your thunderbird to Cholamu lake.

IF you are on your vehicle then head towards Lachen

Chungthang  (5600 feet)  ----- 22KM  ---> Lachen  (9,800 ft) ----- 30KM - ---->  Thangu   (13000ft) ----- 40 KM  --> Cholamu lake  (18000 feet)

 If you are trekking with your team then head towards Lachung

Chungthang ---- 25 KM-- > Lachung  (9,600 ft) ----25 KM -- -> Yumthang Valley (11,800 ft)  ---- 32 KM  -->Zero Point (zadong) / Yumesamdong  (16000 ft) (trek starts from this point) ------- ---> Donkaiala pass - --- -> Cholamu lake ( 18000 feet )

Zadong to Cholamu Lake Trek Route North Sikkim Gurudongmar Lake

Zadong - Cholamu trek route

 Facts about Cholamu lake

  1. Cholamu lake is India’s highest lake and world’s 14th Highest lake.
  2. Cholamu lake is very near to Gurudongmar lake (45 Mins drive).
  3. Maximum depth of the lake is around 5.5 meters or  18.3 feet .
  4. Many people  believe that  Cholamu lake is the source of river Teesta , which is not entirely true,actually river Teesta originates from a smaller glacial lake Khangchung  (some 100 – 200 feet farther from Cholamu lake ) .
  5. British botanists and explorersof the 19th century Joseph Dalton Hooker mentions cholamu lake in his “Himalayan Journals” about his 7th November 1849 survey of Lachen Valley

"Beyond this I recognised a hill of which I had taken bearings from Donkia pass, and a few miles further, on rounding a great spur of Kinchinjunga, I arrived in sight of Cholamoo lakes, with the Donkia mountain rearing its stupendous precipices of rock and ice on the east. My pony was knocked up, and I felt very giddy from the exertion and elevation; I had broken his bridle, and so led him on by my plaid for the last few miles to the banks of the lake; and there, with the pleasant sound of the waters rippling at my feet, I yielded for a few moments to those emotions of gratified ambition which, being unalloyed by selfish considerations for the future; become springs of happiness during the remainder of one’s life. The landscape about Cholamoo lakes was simple in its elements, stern and solemn; and though my solitary situation rendered it doubly impressive to me, I doubt whether the world contains any scene with more sublime associations than this calm sheet of water, 17,000 feet above the sea, with the shadows of mountains 22,000 to 24,000 feet high, sleeping on its bosom. "

      6.  Cholamu Lake should not be confused with Oracle Lake ( Lhamo la-tso) (17,388 ft) , Lhamo latso is situated in Tibet near Lhasa.


Hi Vishnu, I would be

Hi Vishnu, I would be travelling with my family (Mother of 60 years & daughter of 15 years) Lachen from Gangtok on 22.05.2015(need a hotel at Lachen pl help) next day Gurudongmar and other places and night stay at Lachung(Hotel need your help) next day to visit Mt. Katau, Zero Point & Yamthung(in a day 3 places possible!) and night stay at Mangan (need hotel help) as I have to catch next day night train from NJP. I have booked a INNOVA from NJP, is it good for that road condition!

Please help. Regards, S. K. Paul

I do not think that you can

I do not think that you can visit Katau. Army is no longer granting permissions for visiting Katau. Yes, Innova is ok for this trip. will send you more details over the email.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, We are 4 friends

Hi Vishnu, We are 4 friends want to visit gurudongmer lake at the end of April 2015. Could you please tell me is that time is right to visit gurudongmer properly or not. We also want to spent a night beside river teesta in a camp. What would be the preferable places for this purpose?

Gurudongmar lake should be

Gurudongmar lake should be accessible by end of April. There should not be any problem reaching there. About Camps besides river Teesta, there are few camps before Gangtok.

HI Vishnu, I came across this

HI Vishnu,

I came across this page while searching for my trip to create itinerary for lachung and lachen ,and must visit places there. it has ots of information and thanks to you and other colleagues who are posting queries.

I am planning trip in wk4 ,march or wk1 april. Do we get to see and feel snow at this time on gurudongmar or zero point.

I am travelling with my wife and kids ( 10 and 8 years)

I would like to know should 3day 2nights would be enough to cover lichen and lachung or it needs 4d2n.

Secondly ,at most of hotel I am talking every one offering combo package only and not just rooms , so is that a rule of land in that area. Pls can u help me out with some good hotels in that area ?

My itenary is as below

date       from                              to                                  night

3-Apr     bagdogra                         ganagtok                         gangtok

4-Apr     gangtok                          local site seeing                gangtok

5-Apr     gangtok                          nathula pass                    gangtok

6-Apr     gangtok                          lachen- Tashi View Point, Mangan, Singhik View Point, Sevensister Falls, Bhimnala Falls & Chungthang            lachen

7-Apr     lachen                            thangu ,chopta valley ,gurudongar  ,lachung    lachung

8-Apr     lachung                           yumthang , Yumeysamdong –Zero point , Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary ,lachung lachung

9-Apr     lachung                           darjeeling                                    darjeeling

10-Apr    darjeeling            l                       ocal site seeing                 darjeeling

11-Apr    darjeeling                                    kalimpong +local site seeing            kalimpong

12-Apr    kalimpong                       bagdogra


Do u think ,I am overspending days anywhere on the way. Or it can be optimized.



Nitin jain

Gurudongmar may be possible,

Gurudongmar may be possible, may not be possible. You can definitely see around Nathula pass, zero point and at Thangu.

3 days and 2 nights would be sufficient for North Sikkim tour.

Rest everything seems ok with your itinerary.

I will email you details about hotels etc.

Vishnu Kumar


Hello Vishnu,

                  We are planning to visit Gorudongmar lake in the beginning of octobar. Since we don't have any personal car that's why we already booked a private car from Gangtak for the journey. I found from your experience that, generally agency/driver will deny to visit over there by car. Could you please tell me if we can try to visit Cholamu lake from Gurudongmar by foot/trek ? I need your advice. Please reply me if possible. Thank you in advance.

Hi Abhisek, Cholamu would 

Hi Abhisek,

Cholamu would  not be possible by any mean unless you have some solid connection with Army... Gurudongmar you can easily go with any tour agent at MG road, Gangtok... Trek to Cholamu was previosly open for tourists but now it is closed...

=== Vishnu

Hello VIshnu, I am a novice

Hello VIshnu,

I am a novice trekker from Kolkata I would like to know is there any of visiting Gurudongmar lake in August will the roads be accesible.....

Yes, Gurudongmar will be very

Yes, Gurudongmar will be very much accessible in August..

hello vishnu , firstly

hello vishnu ,

firstly congrts on the splendid visits that u embark on ...

wanted to know few facts on cholamu , 

1. u said tht the letters to various ministries to be delivered personally , do all of them sit in the same building else where are their offices and when is this to be given to them .

2. in oct , is the road from gurudogmar till cholamu motorable in a 4 wheeler , if not can u highlight what are the handicaps . i have a sedan with me .




Hi Sumit,             Not to

Hi Sumit,
             Not to various ministries... you need to visit Home department office at Gangtok and submit your documents... Signed copies will be sent by department itself..

you can drive till Gurudongmar but i don't think road to Cholamu is motorable... after Gurudongmar, you will have to trek till Cholamu lake... I will personally recommend 4*4 wheel drive but Sumo sort of vehicles also make it easily..

Don't go with any vehicle with low ground clearance...

Vishnu Kumar

Hi Vishnu, Greetings and wish

Hi Vishnu,

Greetings and wish you a very very happy new year.

We are planning to visit Gorudonmar Lake as well as Cholamu lake on mid of march 2014,cld u plz let me know that is it a good time to visit there,how would be the weather at that time.



Happy new year to you as well

Happy new year to you as well Tarit... Cholamu is out of bound for tourists... very difficult to get permit for Cholamu lake...

Gurudongmar lake will also not be accessible during March.... you should postpone your trip if you want to visit Gurudongmar lake...

I m local of Gangtok -

I m local of Gangtok - Sikkim... we can organise photo tours to almost any part of Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan... we ve bunch of young enthu photo and videographers workin in and around Sikkim... mostly with their cams...

Hi Vishnu, We r planning to


We r planning to visit North sikkim in April 2014. as one of us have breathing problem, we wanted to hire oxygen cylinder.can You please give some information about hiring oxygen cylinders(like in sikkim where it is available and cost of it.
Thank u.


Hi Kshama... I don't have any

Hi Kshama... I don't have any idea about hiring Oxygen Cylinders... I think it should be available in Gangtok... I have seen cyclists using it so i believe it should be there in Gangtok.... Best would be to try at some adventure tour operator....

Hi I have just come back from


I have just come back from a short trip to Sikkim. Three days in Gangtok and two in Pelling. Except for the trip to Changmu Lake, the Gangtok trip was disappointing. Pelling was awesome. I intend to go again but this time to higher spots to cover the lakes at higher altitudes.

My basic interest is photography. So I will be carrying lots of photography gear. How do I best organise a trip which goes relatively well as regards arrangements ? Who are the best (read most reliable) tour organisers? Cost is not an issue.

I am a very fit 63 but do not intend to climb although walking long distance even with my heavy gear is not an issue.

Thanks for a response

Swaranjeet Singh

Dear Sir, Glad to

Dear Sir,
Glad to hear about your interest in photography... What all lakes you are planning to visit...

Gurudongmar can be done own your own... all you need to arrange permits & vehicles from Gangtok...

Cholamu needs special permits which i am not sure authorities are still issuing the same...

Another off beat option is Green Lake which falls in Kanchenjunga National Park... Green Lake can only done by organized treks i guess...

As of now I don't have contacts details of any trek organizer in Gangtok... Will try to do research on this front....

Cholamu and Green Lake trek have got some steep patches (involves hiking)...

Vishnu Kumar

Hi Vishnu, We are going to

Hi Vishnu,

We are going to Gurundomarg lake on 29th Oct 2013. A siliguri tour operator will arrange the required permits.

We would like to know, recently if anyone you know got permit for "Cholamu Lake" so that we too can contact them directly to get our doubts cleared and apply permit in advance from bangaluru.

Deepak J Nayak

Hi Deepak,

Hi Deepak,
Unfortunately I have not heard anyone visiting to Cholamu lake in recent times... A friend of mine tried for permits but was unable to get...Most of the tour operators may confuse you with inconsistent information... None in Gangtok was able to provide any concrete information on permits for Cholamu lake... Most of them may pretend as if they have not heard of the lake...

Connection in Indian army might be some help... let us know if you are able to obtains this permit..

Vishnu Kumar

Hello, How can I get permit

How can I get permit for Cholamu? Please let me know.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Subrata, From

Hi Subrata,
From the recent feed back from the travelers returning from Sikkim, Getting permit for Cholamu is nearly impossible... you can only procure it if you have some solid connection in Army or Ministry of home affairs...However Gurudongmar's permit is easily obtainable...

Vishnu Kumar

Hello Vishnu, First of all I

Hello Vishnu,

First of all I want to thank you for this very informative article. It certainly helps us a lot to explore this sheer natural beauty.
We are making a plan to visit cholamu lake in mid October. We want to trek from zero point to cholamu lake through donkaila pass and then return to Gurudongmar lake. My queries are -
1. If this trek has to be done in one day then do we need to hire two vehicles(One to drop us at zero point & another to pick us up from gurudongmar)???
2. Do we need any guide for this trek? If yes then from where we can get him?
3. Whether we can find any inhabitants (near donkaila pass or cholamu lake)in case we find any adversities on the way or to spend a day out there(home stay purpose)??


Hi Anshuman, Do

Hi Anshuman,
Do you already have permissions to trek Cholamu lake ?... Special permit is required to visit Cholamu lake which is very hard to get without any connection in Indian army or other authorities. Some of our readers tried to procure it from Gangtok but they were unable to get it... In case you have the permit then here goes my take on your queries..

1) YES, you will need two vehicle. I believe Thangu is the nearest village if you are descending from that side. You will need a vehicle to drop you at Thangu from Gurudongmar once your trek is done.

2) YES, You must have a Guide. It's closer to China border so i think you will only be allowed with an approved Guide. You can get Guides from Gangtok or from Lachung.

3) I don't think you can find villages on this trail. Most of the trekkers don't do it in full circle. They generally take Gurudongmar-Cholamu-Gurudongmar route. As you are doing the full circle so you must start very early in the morning to complete the trek till it dusk. From my personal experience, weather is very unpredictable in the second half of the day at such altitude.

Please let me know if you are able to do the Cholamu lake. I would love to see breath-taking photographs. Please share your experience after the trip.

Vishnu Kumar

Hi! I am planning to visit

I am planning to visit gurudongmar lake between august 15-20...are the roads open?and is it easy to get a permit. If i am hiring a taxi from bagdogra airport for all 5 days, will he get the permit for me?

I think Road to Gurudongmar

I think Road to Gurudongmar is open at this time of the year but you can not overlook intermittent road blockage due to landslides and all... Rather than hiring a taxi from Bagdogra for 5 days i will suggest you to hire it from Gangtok... Gangtok tour operator/taxi guys will arrange permits etc...

dear vishnu , i hv paling to

dear vishnu ,
i hv paling to chola mu lake and donkialal pass in october 12 by trekking by walking from gurudomgar lake to zero point via donkilala pass or vice versa . is it possible stay in one night camping in between zeropoint andG.Lake.. .
how can get permit ?
is it easy to get permit?
Can someone else apply for the permits on behalf of us?
3> Is it possible to get the permit directly from the Indian Army?
4> What are the charges for the permit?
5> How long it takes to get the permit? (especially for Gurudongmar and Cholamu)

your friend

Hi Debajyoti,

Hi Debajyoti,
Permit procedure for Cholamu is comprehensively explained in the article... Gurudongmar permit is easy to procure and can be done so from Gangtok only....Cholamu is tricky as you can see in the article...Try calling those numbers to find more details on applying permit should be can fax them the required documents....

However getting permit for overnight tenting in that region might be very complicated...Most of the trekkers have done it as a single day trip either from Gurudongmar side or Donkiala pass...

Vishnu Kumar

HI, I am planing to go to


I am planing to go to cholamu lake with few friends, from zero point through donkia la pass. As shown in the map in this article, I want to reach cholamu first. then return through gurudonmar and yumthang.

Can I make it in a single day or will it take 2-3 days to return to have a rest!!
I want to make it on foot as long as possible. So please give me some idea how much can I cover on foot and from where should plan for a car.

Please also give me some Idea if girls can also do this and where can we find nearest hotels in our root, so that we can leave our families to stay while we go for the trek.


Hi Ritaban, You

Hi Ritaban,
You will have to make it in one day... As far as my knowledge goes, Overnight camping is not allowed in this area... It can be covered on foot but its really high altitude trekking and you will most probably get hit by AMS....

Lesser challenging alternative will be to drive till Gurudongmar lake and then walk till Cholamu lake... Doing it from Donkiala pass would be quite a challenge...specially hiking uphill from Zero point to the pass..

Girls can do it of course... it all depends on individual's mental and physical strength....

Nearest hotels: if starting from gurudongmar side then thangu would be the place.. for Zero point side, Lachung will be the town..

=== Vishnu

Thanks a lot vishnu. I just

Thanks a lot vishnu. I just hope I get the pass. Smile

We r planing to Gurudongmar

We r planing to Gurudongmar lake on 25th September 2013. Can you please tell me what about weather on that time?

September is a good time to

September is a good time to make till Gurudongmar Lake.... Roads will be open and Weather won't be too extreme....

Thanks Vishnu for the

Thanks Vishnu for the information. Well I thought Chopta Valley is a certain place in North is not so.
Can u please suggest me if Diwali(Oct-Nov) is a good time to travel in that region. How many days will it take us to trek from Zero Point(Zadong) to Gurudongmar Lake through Donkiala Pass and Cholamu Lake? What kind of trekking accessories do we need during the trek? Suggest if any kind of permissions are required on the way.

October is not a bad time to

October is not a bad time to visit North Sikkim and you should probably be able to reach Gurudongmar lake... I am bit skeptic about November because snow fall at times block the connectivity to Gurudongmar lake....I believe you will have to do this entire trek in one to be done from Gurudongmar side...Overnight tenting won't be allowed... I believe Gurudongmar to Cholamu can be done in a single day.... If there is not much snow then i don't think you will require any technical trekking accessory.... Details about permissions are mentioned in the article...

Hi, I am planning a trip to

Hi, I am planning a trip to North Sikkim for 7-8 days. I want to visit Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake and as well visit Cholamu Lake by trek if possible. Kindly let me know about Chopta Valley if it is accessible by road. If Lachen is taken as base point then can I cover Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake within the same day?

What exactly you want to

What exactly you want to visit in Chopta Valley... Gurudongmar Lake, Cholamu lake, Lachen, Green Lake etc are in Chopta Valley... From Lachen you can do Gurudongmar Lake as a one day tour....Weather gets bad in the second half of the day so i will suggest you to start early...

Hi, We are planning for a

We are planning for a trip kolkata-gangtak-gurdongmore-cholamou-zero point-gangtak by car during middle of may-13.

is it possible ?
we will take one maruti ritz petrol and one scorpio. please suggest? i think scorpio will be ok but wht abt ritz ?
we had done reshi-dzuluk-kupup-gangtak last december.
is there any driving route from cholamu to zero pt ?
from your earlier comments i can see gangtak to gudongmore by road is possible but what about cholamu to zero pt driving?

pleez suggest asap.. thanks in advance


Cholamu lake is not

Cholamu lake is not accessible by road... You can reach till Gurudongmar lake and then you will have to trek till the Lake bed....You can also trek it from Zero point as well... Doing the whole circuit by car is not possible...

Scorpio can make it to Gurudongmar lake and Zero point but I doubt Ritz...Ground Clearance can be a problem....

Road beyond Thangu is treacherous and Ritz will have problem making it all the way to the lake...

=== Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, I'm planning

Hi Vishnu,
I'm planning for a Bike trip to Gurudongmar, Cholamu and Nathu La on 18th May with some of my friends for which I need your HELP.I have the following queries regarding the Permit,rout and the weather-
1> How to apply for the PERMIT and what are the documents required.
2> Can someone else apply for the permits on behalf of us?
3> Is it possible to get the permit directly from the Indian Army?
4> What are the charges for the permit?
5> How long it takes to get the permit? (especially for Gurudongmar and Cholamu)
6> Is there any road to Cholamu from Gurudongmar?
Please suggest us the rout (We love off road biking and we have the experience of Khardung La, Ladakh).
7> Is May month the right time for the trip?
Day Dreaming We will use our tents during the trip. What do you suggest?
Your reply will be a GREAT HELP for us. Please help.

Gurudongmar permit is usual

Gurudongmar permit is usual stuff... any tour operator can arrange it... for Cholamu lake, you will need special permit as mentioned in the blog....

- I think all you need a valid ID proof, photograph for getting this permit

There is no road till Cholamu lake... beyond Gurudongmar lake, you need to trek....

- May is not the best time to do Cholamu lake.. Trek might be snow covered...

- Tents won't be needed if you want to do it as a single day trip...

There is a blog about biking till Gurudongmar lake.. you might like it..

---- Vishnu

Thanks a lot. The blog is

Thanks a lot. The blog is awesome. Thanks once again.

hi vishnu I am planning to

hi vishnu
I am planning to visit sikkim from 21st nov, 2012 to 28th nov. 2012 on bike with my 5 other friends.

We all are from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

We have explore Ladakh and himachal pradesh on bike.
So this year we have plane for sikkim,

we want to wisit guru dongmar lake and nathula pass on bike
It is Possible to get permittion to visit both the places on bike??
And if possible Let me knoe how to get it.

Thank you.

Hi Keyur... Getting a permit

Hi Keyur... Getting a permit to Nathula would not be a problem and you can ride your bike on that route..However I will recommend you guys to take the old silk route (Reshi >> Aritar Lake >> Zuluk >> Kupup) to Nathula....

I see a very bleak possibility of reaching Gurudongmar during November...Road to Gurudongmar would be snow-covered and tourism department won't issue can definitely check the situation after reaching Gangtok..

Vishnu Kumar

thanks for your quick

thanks for your quick reply..
we also like to travel on this rout
Siliguri >> reshi >> Aritar >> Zuluk >> Baba mandir >> Nathula >> Tsongmo lake >> Gangtok

But some one told us that you have to take parmition from gangtok

So Have Pland this tour in our return journy from gangtok tu siliguri via this rout
But Some one told us there is no rout btwn babamandir to nathula pass

than we called
Nathula Permit issuing officer:
Mrs. Nima Choden
Asst. Director
Mobile: 9775423684

She Told we wont allow bikes in nathua pass

So we are confused now.
How to plan my entire tour

Take a look at our planning and guid us please.



Hi Keyur, Permit for

Hi Keyur,
Permit for the route (Siliguri >> reshi >> Aritar >> Zuluk >> Baba mandir >> Nathula >> Tsongmo lake >> Gangtok) can also be procured from Rongli Police Station near Reshi...

One of our fellow traveler took the same route and has not reported any problem with the permit...

You can drop a comment on his thread to know the current status on the permit thing..

Vishnu Kumar

We are going for G.lake and

We are going for G.lake and old silk route on bikes ,leaving on the 29th of oct frm kolkata.we are worried about the permits .all have voter id card except for me.The only photo id proof i have is only my pan card and school and college admit cards.Moreover the two bikes that we will go r nt in our name as they r second handly bought and other one is my cousins.We r really worried.What can we do..

For old Silk route, permits

For old Silk route, permits are issued from Rongli Police Station near Reshi and for Green Lake, you need it from Gangtok... For getting inner line permit, you need to submit photographs and identity card... Voter ID card would work for sure but not sure about Pan card.... taking a bike which is one someone else name won't be a problem...

I would like to visit Cholamu

I would like to visit Cholamu Lake and Donkiala Pass on March 2013. Is there any tour operator who can conduct the entire tour? I think its difficult to arrange Car & permission personally. Need your help please.

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