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vishnu.kumar7 Stepping away from the lines in the middle of squares...lets see how long will it go.... 35 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 Minimalism: more stuff in it,busier the work of art,worse it is.More is less.Less is more.eye is a menace to clear sight. laying bare of oneself is obscene.Art begins with the getting rid of nature. 35 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 Aparajita Datta- outstanding wildlife conservator... great job 35 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 Landscapes so vast that the human eye seemed unequal to the task of accommodating them... 35 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 Endless river 35 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 Sometimes missing questions, sometimes missing answers but why do i need to know all? 35 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 I don't want to live free...I want to live adjective free... 35 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 There is no such thing as high questions... Given a choice, I will seek an original question....again not the answer.... 36 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 splendidly contradictory expressions 36 weeks ago
vishnu.kumar7 ever more unknown, ever less free, ever more solitary.... 36 weeks ago

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