Trekking in Himalayas

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Trekking is one of the best kept secrets in the Himalayas and  a wonderful experience too. You can feel the purity and serenity of nature while trekking on Himalayas. It give you a chance to experience the extremes of craziest  activities to fulfill an adventure streak within you.
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hey pawankumar2012 , thanks for posting about Trekking in Himalayas because nowadays i am Planning trekking in Himalyas.I got you point.



Ravi Babu (not verified)
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Dear all,

I have just now completed my graduation, and I am having 2 months, in hand. I want to visit Himalayas, and do trek, please suggest me how should I start, I want the complete details.

Thanx a lot!

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Hi Ravi,
               you have posted quite an open question... I will really appreciated if you can be bit specific... 2 months are really good time to explore Himalayas... Here are some points those will help us narrowing down your itinerary...

* Are you only interested trekking in Indian Himalayas or open for Nepal and Bhutan as well ?
* Are you preferring trekking on foot or also interested exploring himalayas on vehicle ?
* Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Ladakh or Sikkim are the most preferred trekking destinations ?, Which one will be your pick ?.... 

let me give you a list of treks which you can take up...
Himachal Pradesh
- ManiMahesh lake trek
- Kugti Pass trek
- Parvati Valley trek (Via Khirganga till Spiti)
- Exploring Spiti and Lahual valley (Start from Shimla-Sangla-Chitkul-Kaza-Keylong)
- Trekking till Stok Kangri peak
- Harshil to Chitkul (Himachal Pradesh)
- Gaumukh-Tapovan-Further till Nandvan
- Valley of flowers trek including Hemkund Shahib
- Goecha la trek
- Cholamu lake/Gurudongmar lake
- Sandaikpu

Difficulty level of these treks is moderate.. There are many other treks in the higher ranges of Himalays... I will soon be posting more details on those...

Please be specific about your plan, we will be able to assist you in much better way...

Vishnu Kumar

Ravi Babu (not verified)
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Thank you Sir for replying Smile

I am willing to visit Nepal(As most of the Himalayas are in Nepal). I want to experience the best and the most beautiful things in Himalayas. These days I am so much obsessed that I am dreaming Shan·gri-la in almost every night-dreams. Smile

I want to explore Himalaya slowly slowly on foot, it should has to be more like a self realization journey, alone journey! for around 2 months!

I searched on web about trekking in Nepal, I found The Langtang Region, The Mt. Everest Circuit, Mt. Kangchenjunga Circuit and Annapurna Circuit trek. I want to know your thoughts about this. Though I have never trekked or visited Nepal, so I don't know much of the things. So please suggest me the best thing. Smile

Thanx a lot!
Ravi Babu

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Hi Ravi...
                 Nepal is certainly the paradise for trekking in Himalayas... There are plenty of long term treks in Nepal.... You already mentioned couple of those... but Himalyas does not end in the border of Nepal... There are opportunities in India, Bhutan and Pakistan.... However as you have 2 months in hand, I will also suggest you to venture into Nepal...

* Most of the treks in Nepal starts from Kathmandu or Pokhara... You already mentioned couple of those... There won't be any trek that can be elongated for 2 months so you should rather try 2-3 different treks...

Annapurna full circuit trek (15 day) would be a good pick along with trekking till Mount Everest base camp.... Kangchenjunga Circuit must be starting from the eastern part of Nepal.... All of these treks are quite popular and you will find many fellow trekkers.... There are few treks those start from Pokhara not much popular among trekkers... you can try those treks as well....

While strolling along the streets of Nepal, I took this photograph about various treks... you can try to explore these options...

Dhaulagiri seems quite enticing... I have just seen those peaks from Sarnagkote.. :(

Vishnu Kumar

Wiesel (not verified)
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I am planning a trip of four weeks to India, from June 28 to about July 26, 2013. We would spend the first two weeks in Dehli and surrounding cities.

The last two weeks, we would like to do some trekking in the mountains/hills. Although we are in quite good shape, we are not looking for physical challenges. We simply want to enjoy the view and have a good time.

It seems that July is a tricky period for hiking in the Himalayas. We would like to avoid too much rain during the day and a misty view. I read that Manang, Mustang and Dolpo are good areas to go trekking in July because they are on the other side of the Himalayas.

However, are there areas more nearby to Delhi that would be a nice place for hiking in the hills/mountains in July? For example in the north of Uttarakhand or even more in the north towards Himachal Pradesh?

So to summarize, we are looking for the place that best matches the following criteria:
- Good weather in July (no rain, no fog)
- We have 10-14 days to spend
- Easy or moderate hiking levels
- Preferably close to Dehli

Thanks a lot for any input you can provide. We are looking very much forward to this trip!

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Hi Wiesel,
                   You are very much right about the research you have done for Manang, Mustang and Dolpo. These places fall in the rain shadowed area of the Himalayas in Nepal.... June, July is indeed the best time to visit rain shadowed regions of Himalayas.... Though for reaching such places, you will have to cross the monsoon affected lower hills/foothills of Himalayas...

10-14 days is a good time to visit Spiti, Lahual region of Himachal Pradesh... I will not recommend you to visit U/ttaranchal during Monsoon because it gets flooded badly and more prone to land slides... Last year had been really bad for Uttaranchal due to cloud burst etc.... Himachal would be a better pick for monsoon time...

Enter Spiti. Lahual district from Kinnaur side (Starting from Shimla)... you will definitely find heavy downpour on the way to Shimla but it will get better once you cross over Shimla and Narkanda.... 10-15 days are good enough for a a trip to Spiti... you can also try to trek Chandra Tal from Batal (Kunzum Pass)....

Spiti and Lahual has good number of treks with moderate difficulty level... You can even arrange your own treks in and around Kaza..... Weather will be pleasant and it will rarely rain in this part of Himalayas....

let me know your inputs on my suggestion....

Vishnu Kumar

Wiesel (not verified)
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Hello Vishnu,

Thanks a bunch for your suggestions, this is really helpful.

We were already thinking of going to Dharamsala to visit the monasteries and such, and were also thinking to go to Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.

Based on your input, we will very like cancel Rishikesh from our plan (we definitely don't want to get flooded or be involved in land slides) and instead make a hiking tour in Spiti, Lahual.

The first part of our tour will be probably focus on Varanasi and Jaipur (desert tour).

Now it's time to plan the details of our trip and make some specific choices... Thank you very much!


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Hi Alex,
             Rishikesh should not be a problem to visit but going higher in Himalayas is a bit risky during Monsoon.... You can keep Rishikesh in the plan and then head to Himachal from there... There is a direct route to Chandigarh from Rishikesh (Via Dehradun)... From Chandigarh, you can start your journey to Spiti and Lahual...

             Dharmshala is good for visiting monastery...

             Jaipur won't be a right place if you are planning to go towards the desert.... You will have to visit Jaisalmer for finding sand dunes... Jaisalmer is some 600 km west from Jaipur....

             Feel free to ask your queries with regards to any place in India... I may provide some inputs..

Vishnu Kumar

Guest (not verified)
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Thanks friends give me the valueable information.

joydeep316 (not verified)
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Hello guys,
we 3 guys from kolkata are going to Rupin Pass Trek at end of May 2015. The duration of the trek is 27th May to 9th June (Kolkata to Kolkata). We are looking for experiencd trek partners for this trek. Anybody interested kindly get in touch quickly!

Total cost will be shared equally. The date is final and cannot be altered.

Here's the detailed itinerary ex-kolkata:

27/5/15 – Wednesday – Doon Express from Howrah at 8:30 pm
28/5/15 – Thursday – In train
29/5/15 – Friday – Reach Dehradoon in early morning and reach Dhaula in the evening.
30/5/15 – Saturday - Dhaula 5,100 ft to Sewa 6,150 ft
31/5/15 – Sunday - Sewa 6,150 ft to Jhaka 8,700 ft
1/6/15 – Monday - Jhaka 8,700 ft to Saruwas thatch 10,250 ft
2/6/15 – Tuesday - Saruwas thatch 10,250 ft to Dhanderas thatch 11,680 ft (lower water fall camp)
3/6/15 – Wednesday - Dhanderas thatch 11,680 ft to Upper Waterfall camp 13,300 ft.
4/6/15 – Thursday – Acclimatization / Buffer day
5/6/15 – Friday - Upper Waterfall 13,120 ft to Rupin Pass 15,250 ft to Ronti Gad 13,420 ft
6/6/15 – Saturday - Ronti Gad 13,420 ft to Sangla 8,800 ft. Overnight bus journey to Shimla.
7/6/15 – Sunday – Reach Shimla in the morning and reach Kalka in the afternoon. Board Kalka-Howrah mail at 11:55 pm.
8/6/15 – Monday - In train
9/6/15 – Tuesday – Reach Howrah at 8 am.

Interested trekkers with prior trek experience are welcome to our team!

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Impressive work with outlining the itinerary. I wish you good luck for the trek and i hope you find travel mater here.

Readers: If you are looking for moderate trek in Himalayas of Garhwal then its the best pick. May is also the best season to take this trail. Get in touch with Joydeep.

+- Vishnu

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