Shivanasamudra Waterfalls : Weekend Destination from Bangalore

Imagine a wide flat terrain with rocky hills surrounded with coconut and banana plantation… Imagine a massive river flowing silently through an arid terrain and herbal forest… Imagine a landscape with rich biodiversity and suddenly you see a same river falling down of rocky cliff and plunging into a deep chasm transforming a series of picturesque waterfalls...  Blowing mist in the air and producing pleasant sound of the water. Yes… you are right…You are within the striking distance from Shivanasamudra waterfalls.
Shivanasamudra Falls
                                                        Shivanasamudra Falls
Shivanasamudra Falls:  Situated on the river Cauvery, Shivasamudra is the series of twin waterfalls famous as the hosting site of Asia’s second Hydro-electric power station. It was the power station which electrified Kolar Gold fields and made it the second town of Asia after Tokyo to get electricity. Shivanasamudra waterfalls are considered as the second largest waterfalls of the country. Shivasamudra waterfalls are also famous as bluff and Shimsa falls in this region.
Bridges on the river cauvery
                                                            Bridges on the river cauvery
The left segment (Western Branch) of the falls is known as Gaganachukki fall where as the right segment (Eastern Branch) is popular as Bharachukki fall. It’s a perennial waterfall with average width of 849 meters, a height of 90 meters.  Apart from the waterfalls the other attraction is the island known as Madhya-Ranga, a renowned pilgrim center. Ranganatha Swamy temple which lies on the Madhya-Ranga Island is very near to Barachukki fall. It is one of the three temples those are built on the islands formed by river Cauvery on its way.These waterfalls are 13 km apart and the distance can be covered in 20-30 minutes by your own vehicle after crossing two bridges on the river Cauvery.
Gaganachukki waterfalls
                                                 Gaganachukki waterfalls
Gaganachukki Fall:
This side of Shivanasamudra falls is maintained and provides better tourist facilities. There is also a resort where one can get a nice room if wants to stay overnight at fall side. Restaurant adjoining the resort serves decent breakfast and lunch (Dosas and Chutney). It is recommended if you reach there at sunrise which offer an incredible view to the Gaganachukki falls from the watch tower but reaching to the bottom of the fall is not possible from this side.  There is a fence which will not allow you to get closer to the waterfalls. Another view point to Gaganachukki falls is a dargah which is on the other side of the river and closer to Barachukki Falls.
Bharachukki Falls
                                                 Bharachukki Falls
Bharachukki fall is easily accessible and more popular among the twin falls. Bharachukki fall is little wider than its counterpart. There is a narrow trail of stairs carved through rocks that goes down till the bottom of the fall. Bharachukki fall is much vibrant and offers some shallow area where you can enter into the water and enjoy peaceful bathing under the groves. Bharachukki fall is spacious with formation of many small islands under the falls across small streams. The coracle ride which takes you till the mouth of the massive water fall is the key attraction of Bharachukki waterfall. The coracle ride will cost 100 Rs per person and must recommended if not done before elsewhere.
Cauvery Wildlife Sanctury
                                         Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary
These waterfalls and surrounding hills fall into Cauvery Wild life sanctuary which provides a wide opportunity of excursion, trekking in the forest, rock climbing, bird watching, fishing and other activities for naturalists.
Coracle at Bharachukki waterfalls
                                     Coracle ride at Bharachukki waterfalls

Best time to Visit: Due to heavy water inflow during monsoon, most of the tourist prefers to travel Shivanasamudra waterfalls in monsoon season (From June to September) when waterfall look gorgeous in its full swing. Winter/Summer season provide you an opportunity to reach to the bottom of the waterfalls and witness the exquisite natural beauty.

Closer view to Bharachukki Falls
                                       Closer view to Bharachukki Falls

Reaching Shivanasamudra Waterfalls:
Private Transport:  It can be a preferred detour if traveling to Mysore from Bangalore. Although it is situated on a diversion from Bangalore-Mysore highway still it can be easily covered on the way if traveling by your own transport.

Route:  Bangalore-Maddur-Malavalli-Shivanasamudra (135 Km)

Another view to Gaganachukki Falls
                                     Another view to Gaganachukki Falls

By Bus: Reaching Shivanasamudra by public transport may be a bothersome experience as it’s not directly connected from Mysore or Bangalore.  Buses on Bangalore-Mysore highway will drop you at Kollegal and from Kollegal, you will have to hunt other commutation till Shivanasamudra falls.

* There are also KSRTC busses from Bangalore to Malavalli from where you can further chase for transportation to Shivanasamudra falls.

By Train: Maddur is the nearest station but the preferred one is Mysore (60 km).

* For Bike enthusiasts, It can be a single day, moderately exhausting excursion from Bangalore.

Bharachukki Falls
                                         Bharachukki Falls Karnataka

*Get a taxi from Bangalore or Mysore [non-AC Indica: 6 Rs per km excluding toll charges], some of the taxi operators has a condition of returning back before 10 PM else you will have to pay some extra amount. Check on this condition before confirming your booking.

Heading out:
Somnathpur (Chennakesava Temple & Hoysala architecture) > Mudukuthore (Mallikarjuna temple) > Talakad (famous for Vaidyanatheswara temple and other temples submerged in the sand on the bank of river cauvery).

Is Jan (23-26) is gud time to

Is Jan (23-26) is gud time to visit shivsamundra falls?



Hi, Within how much time will


Within how much time will reach at the spot by bus

from Bangalore, it should be

from Bangalore, it should be 3-4 hours. I am not sure if there is any direct bus.

Is that good to visit in

Is that good to visit in november month, kindly let me know if possible..

Yes, November is good time

Yes, November is good time but falls will be relatively silent.

hi plan to visit shivasamudra


plan to visit shivasamudra with family n friends.

is it a good idea and safe to visit with a one year old baby??



Yes, Perfectly safe.. no

Yes, Perfectly safe.. no problem to go there with Kids..

Dear Vishnu, Could you please

Dear Vishnu,
Could you please let me know what more places can we approach other than shivanasamudra, keshava temple and talakad for a 2nights/2day trip.

you can also include

you can also include Somnathpur in this itinerary...its on the same trail..

Adding more places will make it weary...

Hi, I'm planning to visit the


I'm planning to visit the bluff on dec 7th. Is it right time?. Also, i'm worried about the transport. Do we get public transport from MalavaLLi or Kollegala to the falls. Also, as there are two falls which are 10 kms apart how to go to other falls. Do we get auto, taxis there. Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ravi...As stated in the

Hi Ravi...As stated in the blog it might be difficult to catch public transport between these falls... You can reach till Gaganachukki Fall using public transport but beyond that you are on your own...

hello Hoping you can advise


Hoping you can advise us

we are a family of 4 coming from US and visiting Mysore for 2 days. Taking a day trip to the waterfalls would be really fun outing for my two adventurous boys.

What is the best way to go from Mysore to these falls.
Can we return back by 8-9pm back ot Mysore
Are we allowed to clim down the rocks to the base of the falls ?
Do we have to buy tickets or get permissions to walk around the area ?

Any advice would be appreciated
Thanks so much

I don't know the route from

I don't know the route from Mysore but waterfalls are not very far... It can be easily done a day trip... can reach till the bottom of the waterfall through coracle...

Nope...its not ticketing area... you are allowed to roam freely..


We are planning to visit

We are planning to visit shivanasamudra "bharachukki" on morning time is it ok?

Morning time is perfect....

Morning time is perfect.... less sun and enjoy bathing in the soothing waters...

Hi Vishnu, Thank you

Hi Vishnu,

Thank you Vishnu,am planning to go by car.Any good hotels available there to have good food?


Yes.. There is a resort and

Yes.. There is a resort and some hotels on the fall side.... rooms offer view to the waterfall and couple of restaurants on the same lane....

Sir I along with my college

Sir I along with my college friends are thinking to visit gaganchukki and barachukki on 5th october. Is it safe to visit it now?We will be allowed to see both the falls ?and what about the waterfall is it good to visit it now?will it be in its full bloom?

Hi Vishal,

Hi Vishal,
Waterfalls should be accessible at this time of the year and will be roaring for sure (may not be in their full swing)... These falls are worth a visit... Countryside is lovely... you should also be able to reach till the bottom of the fall on a coracle...

Vishnu Kumar

Hi Vishnu I just wanted to

Hi Vishnu
I just wanted to know about the bus route how to reach to shivansamandram and about the frequency of bus.

could you please direct me the route map by KSRTC

Hi Deepesh, KSRTC

Hi Deepesh,
KSRTC has buses to most of the towns of Karnataka.... From Bangalore, you can get plenty of buses to Malavalli and then get public transport to the falls... I guess these buses depart from Mysore bus stand (not from Majestic one)....

Vishnu Kumar

i will be visiting the falls

i will be visiting the falls tomorrow , that is on 9th august.
how to reach the falls from bellur cross?
i ll be grateful if you could reply me at

I don't know where is Bellur

I don't know where is Bellur Cross... Is it somewhere in Bangalore ?.... Google maps shows the elaborated route from Bangalore... When I visited there, I have the taken the turn from Maddur.... Have an awesome ride..

thanks for your instant

thanks for your instant reply.
bellur cross lies on bangalore mangalore highway 47. 105 km from bangalore and 80 km before hassan. 40km before chennarayapatna. the cross is an intersection of roads to bangalore, mandya/nagamangala/mysore, hassan/chennarayapatna/chikballapaur/mangalore. its very near to adichunchanagiri institute of medical sciences, nagamangala taluk.

Hi Amit.. Sorry could not

Hi Amit.. Sorry could not reply.. Internet connection died... I hope you already made to Shivanasamudra water fall... In that case, you can direct head to Mandya and take the road to Shiavanasamudra water falls...

we want to plan a weekend

we want to plan a weekend trip to shivanasamudra falls on 1st June 2013. can we see falls , is water there now.


I am not a permanent resident

I am not a permanent resident of that region but still I believe there won't be much water in the falls at this time....Post monsoon is the best time to witness the waterfall in full swing...

=== Vishnu

We plan to visit on 10th of

We plan to visit on 10th of june.Pl advise to visit.

I don't think Water falls

I don't think Water falls will be in its full swing during that time.. Post monsoon is the best time to visit there...

Dear Mr. Vishnu Hi !. I hail

Dear Mr. Vishnu

Hi !. I hail from the wonderful place Bluff (Shivasanudra) in Karnataka. That is my birthplace having born there in 1956.

I am eagerly awaiting my trip to that place of scenic Cauvery River/Shimsha which I will be seeing after 40 years.

Please tell me if I will get a chance to visit the Generating Station where my late Grandfather Mr. M Rajagopal & my Grand Uncle Mr. M Venkatram where employed as Electrical Supervisor when it was earlier under MSEB jurisdiction.

With some many changes happening in the interim period please tell me how I can get access to the Bottom Station (as the Generating Station was colloquially called). Kindly revert on the above e-mail ID.


Harish Das

Dear Sir... I

Dear Sir...
I suppose there would not be any problem visiting Power plant which is on the other side of the water fall... Generally visitors are not allowed inside hydro power plants but if you have connections in the department then it wont be a great deal... Power plant lies very close to the waterfall and can be approached after crossing one of the bridge on Cauvery...Road goes till the power plant... I believe it was the first hydro power plant of India...

Vishnu Kumar

Hi Vishnu, Am planning to go

Hi Vishnu,

Am planning to go the fall on Oct-12 2013.I would like to know will it be the right time to go ,can we reach the bottom & have a coraclr ride & will be able to have bath.Kindly advice.


Yes... I think it will be

Yes... I think it will be very much possible at this time of the year... Coracle ride till the bottom of the waterfall should be possible and you can also enjoy bathing in one of the thin streams around the waterfall... I visited in August during peak monsoon yet was able to go under the waterfall...

Hi Vishnu Thank you for your

Hi Vishnu

Thank you for your reply.I would also like to know which way will be shorter or good to reach the falls from bangalore from electronic city.Am planning to take nice road ,kanakapura ,malavalli & sivanasamundra.Ur suggestions pls.


Hi Shobin, I wish i

Hi Shobin,
I wish i can help with the route but i am not much familiar with Bangalore... I used to take buses from Mysore bus stand or Majestic...I don't know which route these buses take... All i kept hearing that Nice road is really nice... Smile...


Thank you for your immediate

Thank you for your immediate response. I don't have any connections but let me see if my late grandfather's name clicks.

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