Haunted Bhangarh Fort : The Ghost Town of Rajasthan

Garden at Bhangarh Premises
                                                        Garden at Bhangarh Premises
is a deserted town with some 10000 dwellings established in 1613 by Madho Singh, younger brother of great Mughal general, Man Singh of Amber. Bhangarh was abandoned soon after being built and supposedly after it was cursed by a magician. Bhangarh fort offers an intact view of the medieval past. Apparently, the Bhangarh town had been desolated by an old mughal invasion, and is just reverting back to being habited again.
Chhatri on the hill top on the side of Bhangarh fort
                         Chhatri on the hill top on the side of Bhangarh fort
premises are enclosed by a partially ruined wall. Other than dwellings, ruins of Bhangarh also include gardens, havelis, banyan trees and temples of Lord Someshwar, gopinath, mangla devi and Keshava rai. But the enigmatic attraction is a secluded chhatri on the hill top which catches attention of all the travelers. In entirety, the random placement of all these sites within Bhangarh premises may look freighting and mysterious at the same time.
Ajabgarh Fort near Bhangarh
                                                                 Ajabgarh Fort near Bhangarh
Other Forts near Bhangarh:

There are some other forts near Bhangarh those were also built in the same era and share the related history. Ajabgarh is a picturesque garrison fort between Bhangarh and Pratapgarh, with a lovely reservoir nearby. Ajabgarh fort was built by Ajab Singh Rajawat, The grandson of Madho Singh. Ajabgarh fort is in good condition, and offers an incredible panoramic view of the eponymous walled town and the well –preserved, but less visited temple of Shri Raghunath ji and old chhatris, all nearby. Pratapgarh is a remarkable fort situated on hill top which dominates the region. Pratapgarh and its vicinity are famous for its natural surrounding and scenic countryside. Pratapgarh town has two temples and a mosque
ASI Sign Board at Bhangarh
                                                            ASI Sign Board at Bhangarh
Archeological importance of the haunted town of Bhangarh:

Bhangarh is an ancient town of archeological importance. During recent excavations different types of tools used by early man have been recovered from the pre-historical site of Bhangarh. The old town of Bhangarh, as the ruins show was surrounded on three sides by elevated hills where wild undergrowth is seen today. There were natural springs and waterfalls there and one such is found near the temple of lord Someshwar. The Archeological survey of India (ASI) has put up a sign board at Bhangarh stating (among others): “Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.” Lot of tourists who visit this Bhangarh affirms that there is a strange feeling in the atmosphere of Bhangarh, which causes symptoms of anxiety and restlessness.
A Passage through ruined Dwellings
                                                               A Passage through ruined Dwellings
Bhangarh ghosts: Myths, Curse, Devastation and horror stories:
Madho Singh built the town of Bhangarh with the approval of an ascetic Baba Balanath, who meditated there, though Baba Balanath predicted “look my dear chap! The moment the shadow of your palace touches me you are undone. The city shall be no more!” In ignorance Ajab Singh, the grandson of Madho Singh raised the palace to such a height that the shadow reached the forbidden place. Hence the devastation of entire town of Bhangarh happened.
Temple with backdrop of chhatri inside Bhangarh ruins
                                         Temple with backdrop of chhatri inside Bhangarh ruins
The another and stronger myth goes as follow:
A tantric battle engaged between the gorgeous queen Ratnavati and the wicked sorcerer Singhia Sevra, who was attracted by the queen’s beauty. Desperately, he tried to trap her in his magical ploy, and failed every time, as the queen herself was a master in the tantric art.The last battle took place on the day when the queen losing eventually her temper, transformed a glass bottle containing the massaging oil into a big rock and hurled it towards the hill-top and the rock started rolling towards the wicked tantric. Sensing his looming death, Tantric concentrated all his powers and spatted his dying curse:  “I die! But you too, you Ratnavati shall not live here anymore. Neither you, nor your kin and these walls of the city, none shall see the morning sun!” In that night, all the treasure of the Bhangarh was transferred to the new site of Ajabgarh and the next morning everything was leveled to the ground after a severe commotion. And as per the ancient tales, Ratnavati died in the very next year during a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh.
Singhia Sevra (Wicked tantric) chhatri can be seen on the top of the hill.
Road map to Bhangarh from Delhi & Jaipur
                             Road map to Bhangarh from Delhi & Jaipur

Download full road map here


Driving Directions to Bhangarh:
From Delhi:
Most preferred route :
Follow NH8 till Shahpura and then take left NH11 till Bhangarh
New Delhi - Gurgaon - DharuheraBahrorShahpuraBhangarh [ Total distance : 270 Km ].
Alternative Route: You may also cover Sariska Tiger Reserve on this route but roads are bumpy and you may have to consult roadsiders about the directions. Tunnel near Alwar can be an unusual attraction on this route. Do not follow this route in odd hours.
Follow NH8 till Bahror
New Delhi - Gurgaon - DharuheraBahrorAlwarSariska Tiger Reserve – Bhangarh [ Total Distance : 275 km ].
- If you are coming from Agra [by train or bus], Get down at Dausa to reach Bhangarh.

Heading Out:
Delhi: You can follow any of the two routes given above.
Jaipur: Follow NH11 till Jaipur
BhangarhDausaJaipur [Total Distance: 80 km]
Reason to visit Bhangarh: Spectacular country side in the backdrop of dry Aravalli hills and ruined forts.


I have visited this fort ten

I have visited this fort ten time and even escape frm the guards and stayed at the fort for a night with my friends. We were two boys and two girls... We explored the fort whole night and found nothing which can be said that it is hauntef... And the people who went there i think they have not come because wild animals come down frm arravallis and mat have attacked the..

Hi Guys Main Saturday 3rd May

Hi Guys

Main Saturday 3rd May ko phir se Bhangarh ho kr aaya aur is baar is trip ko bhut zyada enjoy kiya, is baar koi bhoot nhi tha din k din me vapas aa gaye. lekin guys garmi bhut bhut zyda thi,, is baar pics bhi khub khichi aur wo pics save hai abhi tk Smile . Hum logo ne Delhi se waha jane k liye Manoharpur tk NH8 liya is highway pr truck bhut zyada hai islye agr koi jaye is road se to bhut carefully jaye. Saturday yha koi pooja thi kyunki local k kafi log vaha mojud the. lekin bhaar se aaye log bhi hume mile jin me se ek UK se the. Overall Fantastic journey this time.. 

Faisal Zaidi 

hmmmm...sahi hai..keep

hmmmm...sahi hai..keep sharing...




i am going in haveli 16

i am going in haveli 16 may

so please share me your experiance i this haveli for my safety

i am going this hunted house for serch of ghost and safe the all people  and call me for more detail 


Bahut daravani jagah hai or

Bahut daravani jagah hai or bahut pyari jagah hai  sabse pyari jagah hai wo garden jo ki madho singh ji ne banwaya tha aap jab jao to bahut carefully rahna or surya niklne ke baad or surya ast hone ke pahle hi bqhar aa jana. 

Extraordinary & exceptionally

Extraordinary & exceptionally beautiful photographs , i am desparate to visit the fort atleast once

Thanks for comment

Thanks for comment Parviz...keep dropping by..

hey m much fascinated for dis

hey m much fascinated for dis fort spcly afta hearn ol d stories...
I dunno wats d truth behind bt m rly keen to visit as i lv Rajasthan n Forts..
it z shwn in google dat its one of the 5 most haunted place on earth...
Is it??

common divya....make plan

common divya....make plan with us...2 visit there....we shall find d truth....9810786699...my no.

sab bakas wahan yesha kuch

sab bakas wahan yesha kuch nahin hai main bhangarh main 3 raate bitha chuka hun daaro ke sath magar mujhe wahan koi guest nazar nahin aya upssoosh

yes...it is... I don't know

yes...it is... I don't know whether its haunted but surreal for sure...

Hello Everyone, After,

Hello Everyone,
After, reading the comments of all of u.. I m too much exited to go there.. I m also planning to go there with my friends.. may be in this month.All experiences are thrilling n unique..

main kabi in cheejo me

main kabi in cheejo me vishwas nahi karta tha lekin jab se main bhangarh gaya hu mujhe bhi darr lagne laga hai. mera sak yakin me isliye badla kyonki hamare dwara waha ki li gayi photo na to hamare mobile me open ho rahi hai or na hi computer me. ye image hamne (main mere dost shyam singh sarpunch, ajeet chauhan, mahender meena )saam ko 7.30 pm me capture ki thi. ye kisi ke mobile me or laptop me open nahi ho rahi hai

Chal jhooti file mujhe send

Chal jhooti file mujhe send kar main kholke dhekata hun mera email id naman_anil@yahoo.com aur mera number 9999928585 hai

Ho sakta he ki apke dost ka

Ho sakta he ki apke dost ka camera me koi software ka garbar tha...mujhe nehi lagta ye koi darawna ghatna he...

sahi bol raha hai mere dost

sahi bol raha hai mere dost maine 3 nights bhangarh main bitayi daaro ke sath magar apsosh yesh bat ki hai ki mujhe koi bhoot nahin dhekha

Hi all. I am neel from Delhi

Hi all.

I am neel from Delhi and i have been to Sariska and ranthambore many times but since i was always alone so never tried to go to Bhangarh.
If any of your troops are planning to go there or ranthambore just let me know at

i will be more than happy to join you guys.

Dear Amit, I have read about

Dear Amit,
I have read about this haunted place....... Me and my friends are planning to make a visit to bangarh this December .If you don't mind kindly mail me the details of the haunted place . We are coming all the way from Kochi a small town in the state of Kerala . So can you also inform me with the details regarding the accommodation and other facilities available. In case accommodation is not available in bangarh the nearest town where accommodation is possible . Our tour team consists of 13 members 4 females and 9males .so kindly mail me the details

My Mail Id:- anuavailable@live.com
Mail me the details asap.....

Also don't forget to mail your contact number ..... just in case we need to make clarifications.....



You can stay at Dausa or

You can stay at Dausa or Alwar... Dausa will be nearest town where you can get accommodation and all... The best plan would be hiring your private car and stay in the premises of the fort as long as you want and then recede back to your hotel at Dausa/Alwar...

btw, Since when Kochi became a small town of Kerala... Laughing out loud

Vishnu Kumar

Studyng in Jaipur since lSt

Studyng in Jaipur since lSt two yrz n went to bhangadh twice its a scenric beauty hd also visited the temple of the tantrik over the hill top n the view frm there was jst unbelivble mre queries or for trips I m always available my id is rocksrick77@yahoo.in u can also msg me on fb by the same id ....... Raunak

Hi all, It was really a

Hi all,
It was really a very fearful experience going there only ppl who r brave hearted read this one r else dnt even try to take a chace its my serious warning,Plzzz i advice u ppl not to go der especially at night with ur pets,becoz i had been with my snoopy at eve for a walk,near bangarh fort,as i was new to Rajasthan it was abt 5...snoopy starte barking very wierdly all of a sudden,he started pulling me sum wer.finally it took me near one well,near to which der was a dark room with a very huge door.....it appeared like no one has entered there fr thousands of years..it was a big hall with steps to terrace which had thirteen rooms ......it took me to each n every roommm...there were huge spider webs n skulls of ppl..i got very much frightened seeing all thosee... i was sweating like hell.....in few rooms der was magoots,bats,fearful paintings .here n der blood stains wer also visible...it was smelling yuck.....going into those rooms my snow white snoopy turned into dark muddy one.....finally v both wer fed up wandering from one room to other..so v sat near a balcony just to find a isolated room over der ..with lots of curiosity v went inside even without giving a second chance inspite of the fact that v wer dead tired.....
as soon as v entered d room v wer able to see sumthing at the rooms right corner.......with walked towards it while our legs started shivering...snoopy started barking again...
as he saw d one in d corner was none other den his girl friend dolly for whom he pulled me all d way from the entrance of d fort......finallyyy snoopy was happy n me wer vry happy v took dolly frm that place n left d fort...n finally reached home .....and in that wayy v spent d whole eve....

sale chutiya bana raha he hum

sale chutiya bana raha he hum logon ko... tu zinda kaise wapas aa gaya ?? sab koi to olta he ki jo jata he wapas nahi aya.. aur fir tu gaya kaise andar ? 5pm ko ti close hota he na.. tu aise hi apni scoopy ko leke chala gaya wo bhi evening walk pe.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trembling experience...

Trembling experience...

I do believe ghosts exist

I do believe ghosts exist because I have experiences..I am not scared of them because they can't harm you physically but mentally. Bhangarh is the haunted place and we have lot of evidences to prove it as me and my friends had already explored it. We survived it because we knew how to...

mai gaya hun bangarh aur waha

mai gaya hun bangarh aur waha raat bhi ruka hun escaping frm guards.
and guys u wont believe me i m alive not being murdered by a ghost
It is all ur false thinking that there r ghosts
bt in reality there is only 1 god.
the fear inside u is created by these hox mythics about the spell nd all that magicians's ruin/sprit. There is nothing like that, just peace that we enjoyed with my two frnds i.e, akhilesh nd nitin, they r also alive.
nw plz if u want to knw anything abt that place msg me on facebook @ vickykoul04@gmail.com
or call me on +918529698175.

Please mail me all images &

Please mail me all images & clips on my email id.

Bhangarh India ke Top 10

Bhangarh India ke Top 10 Haunted places me No.1 pr ata hai, jo ki main ghum aaya hun , main india ke Top 10 haunted places pr jana chata hun ur mera next taget hai Delhi Cant. Is tarha me dus ke dus places pr ek e baar zrur ghume ke aan chaunga, Kya koi hai jo mera is pagal pan me Mera sath denga ?
Top 10 haunted Places in India.
1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan
2. Dumas Beach, Gujarat
3. Brijraj Bhavan Palace, Rajasthan
4. Tunnel no 103, Shimla-Kalka Railway Line, Himachal Pradesh
5. Lambi Dehar Mines, Uttarakhand
6. Delhi Cantonment, Delhi
7. Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal
8. Shanti Nagar Village, Delhi
9. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
10. Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

In Dumas beach, you wont be

In Dumas beach, you wont be allowed to visit at the night as there is a tight security from the Gujarat police..It is a haunted place ; however, they won't harm it.. I have visited this place numerous times because I have a house near it...Ghosts can't harm you....Bt it can trouble you mentally. You need to have a mental strength. People who are weak by heart they suffer the fear..or else nothing can harm you..have faith in God...Spirits can be destroyed but they always have a limitation and limitation is the god...nothing cn change his decision

Thanks for dropping by Joseph

Thanks for dropping by Joseph and putting down interesting insight about Dumas beach... Keep coming back..

Hats off to your

Hats off to your craziness....Craziness keeps the mind occupied and that's the best thing i like about it...Go for all the 10 and write me back once you are done... will look forward to hear your experience...

Thnkx Vishnu lekin abhi isme

Thnkx Vishnu

lekin abhi isme bhut waqt lagega, Q ki kafi lambi lambi journey krni padengi, so dekhte hai kb tk sb ajgha ghum paunga.

really it will be

really it will be

dear sir give me information

dear sir give me information about this
distance between bangarh and alwar transportation facility between dausa to bangarh and alwar to bhangarh because i m intrested to visit bhangarh i m from ahmedabad gujrat

I remember there are busses

I remember there are busses on Dausa-Bhangarh route.....From Ahmedabad, you can easily reach Jaipur and the Dausa is not far from Jaipur and well connected with Government buses...



I m also interested and want

I m also interested and want to go there. Please contact amber22.1993anand@gmail.com

Bangarh is hunted

Bangarh is hunted palace.......
Jane se pehle soch samaj kar jana....
Kyuki mujhe jatka laga.......

I like haunted stories but

I like haunted stories but don't like them in real life.I don't can stay 15 min in artificial haunted houses if they are so scaredful so what happen in real life

Honeymoon k liye acchi jagha

Honeymoon k liye acchi jagha h.........

bahut hi daraavni jagah h

bahut hi daraavni jagah h
old jaipur image

Hi Amit, and other

Hi Amit, and other friends..
I want to go to this place. Please send me those pics.
my email id is neelsh.all@gmail.com.

guys,requesting every one to send all the pics.. i wanna see those pics.

thanks in advance..

Dear Amit I wanna see that

Dear Amit
I wanna see that photos so please send bhangad's Hunted & ur Experience photo to me on my mail id.

hiiii amit singh plzzz snd me

hiiii amit singh
plzzz snd me dos pics......i really wanna see dem all......

m bhi bhangarh ghum chuka hu

m bhi bhangarh ghum chuka hu lekin koi 1 b chij mujhe wha asi nahi lagi jis se dar lagta ho ya asi fillings man me aati ho aap wha jis mindset se jate h aapko wahi chije wha najar aati h kabhi wha man me ye soch kar jana ki waha bhagwan h aapko wha bhagwan jarur milenge or wha wase b 4-5 mandir h or jha bhagwan ho wha bhut ka kya kam

waha p raat ko stay kr pir

waha p raat ko stay kr pir btana...apna exprnce ............aagar bta paye toh

Mr. Singh kya aap waha raat

Mr. Singh kya aap waha raat ruke the ? ur aisi ek jgha btaye duniya me ki jha Bhagwan na ho Bhagwan sirf masjid ya mandir me nhi hr jagha hote hai. Ho sakta hai ki aap ko kuch nazar na aaya ho , ab Bhagwan bhi hume asliyat me nazar thodi aate hai lkn hote to hai na. Ab hum ne agr Bhagwan nhi dekhe hai to iska ye mtlb thodi hai ki Bhagwan hi nhi hai.Bhagwan hai ur hr jagha hai,infact aapki bhagwat Gita ka hi sandesh hai ki Bhagwan Manushiye ke hirdey me rhte hai. Wo hi logic in chizo pr hai, Bhagwan hai to shaaitan bhi hai.Aap ye khe sakte ho ki aap ko kuch aisa nhi laga lkn aap aisa nhi khe sakte ki aisa vaha kuch nhi hai. Maine aap se jo btaya hai wo real incident hai ur is side pr bhut saare ur bhi incident hai.

Faisal Zaidi

Main Bhangarh ke baare me

Main Bhangarh ke baare me phichle der(1/2 year) saal se research kr rha tha, maine kafi saari research ki, phir maine ek NDTV ki documentry dekhi ,online bhi mujhe kafi ividence mile, phir Fear file me maine Jhansi ki Raani wala episode dekha use dekh kr yakeen ho gaya ki zrur kuch na kuch to vaha hai,Main jese jese is ke baare me jaankari ikhata kr rha tha wese wese mere andar vha jaane ki ichaa bhi bhr rahi thi. Main pichle half and year se vaha jaane ka programm bana rha tha lekin har baar kisi na kisi vajha se wo cancel ho jaata tha. Lekin is baar hum Chaar dosto ne mil kr plan kiya ki is baar hum log Bhangarh ja kr hi rahenge, to hum logo ne 26 March ko Bhangarh jaane ka iraada kiya, hum logo ne ek Innova book kri ur use bhi clerly bta diya ki yaha risk hai ,is ke alava hum logo ne transport wale ke aage bhi shart rakh di ki jo bhi driver ho vo drink lene wala na ho.. to usne hume aisa hi ek driver provide krvaya .
Ab 26 March ko Main Faisal Zaidi,Naveed Khan, Anwar Raza ur Mohsin Khan ur Driver Abid ur Rehman. ne chalne ki tayari ki jaane se phle hum Hazarat Nizamuddin Dardha gay waha se hum ne dargha ke phool liye humne suna tha ki aise waqt me wo humari hifazat kre ge.Lekin humar iraada waha raat rukne ka bilkul bhi nhi tha humara iraada tha ki subha 7 baje tk nikle ge to 12 baje tk Bhangarh phuch jaayenge 4 baaje tk ghume ke phir vaha se Dausa jaa kr kisi guest house ya Hotel me ruk jaayenge agle din holi hai to waha se dopahr 2 ya 3 baje tk vapsi kr lenge.
Hum chaaro ne ghar pr sab ko jhut bola ki hum apne office ki side se jaipur jaa rahe hai. ur 26 March ko 6:50 am tk hum Car main beth kr vaha ke liye safar shuru kr diya . apni journey ko yaadgari ke liye hum logo ne handycam bhi le liya ki hum is journey ko shoot krenge ur phir You tube pr daal denge. Saare raaste hum log masti krte hue gaye.11:50 pr hum waha phuch chuke the ,jesi hi humari car waha enter hui hume waha ke gaurd ne alert kiya ki raat rukne ki koshish mt krna shaam se phle yaha se nikl jaana, yaha ka din bhut hi khoobsurat hota hai ur wo shaam ko rukne ke liye attract krenga lekin tum log kisi bhi tarha ke bhrm me mt rehna jitna jaldi ho sake yaha se nikl jaana ,Security gaurd ke cabin Bhangarh fort se lagbhag 1 km ki doori pr tha, agle din holi hone ki wajha se waha zyada bhir bhi nahi thi . Hum logo ne jee bhar kr pur Forte ghuma Delhi ki bhaag daur se dr waha shanti me aisa laga ki kaash hum yehi reh jaaye, lekin 4 bajte hi maine sab ko waha se nikl ne ke liye khena shuru kiya lekin waha hum sub ka aisa mann laga ki sub ne ye decide kiya ki Qile ke bhaar ja kr hi kahi stay kr lete hai, 5:15 baje tk hum log Qile ke bhaar aa gaye ur ye decide kiya ki raat yehi bhaar guzar lete hai , driver ne bhi yehi kaha ki hum log qile se to bhaar aa hi gaye hai to ab kis baat ka khtra wes bhi Dausa yha se approx 2 ghante ka run hai ur wo ab thk bhi gaya hai. Hum logo ne bhi uski ha me ha mila di ur wahi pr ruk gaye , hum log itne thke hue the ki raat 10 bajt bajte hum sabhi soo gaye, raat ko laghbhag 12 baje hum sabh ki aankh achank khuli ur hum sb ka aisa mann hua ki hum sb zor zor se romtlb hume khud ba khud roona aa rha tha ur hum logom ke shoulders aise hone lage jese kisi ne humare up bojha rakh diya ho , car me humari AC chal rha tha lekin hume aisa lag rha tha ki 50 ka temprature ho gaya ho, hume pasine aane lage laga ki ab humara dum ghut jaayenga leabhi hume yaad aaya ki hum dargha ke phool bhi lekr aaye hai humne apne bag khole ur un phoolo ko apne hath me le liya ur humare yaha jo mantr hote hai unhe zor zor se padna shuru kiya tabhi hume aisa laga ki koi chiz hume jakrn se aazad kiya ho ur jese hi wo chiz hum pr se gai humari car ouri hil gai ek dafa ko to aisa laga ki shayad bhukamp aa gaya ho, phir main thodi himmat dekhai ur wo phool apne hatho me lekr car se bhaar aaya car ke bhar aate hi tezi se thand lagne lagi ki main puri tarha se kapne laga lekin maine himmat nhi chori maine car se bottel nikali ur car ke charoo trf phool se paani ka chirkao kr diya taki jo bhi shataini takat hai wo us circle ke andr na aa sake kyunki itni raat ko kahi ur jaane ka bhi koi fayda nahi taha kyunki itna to andaza ho hi gaya tha ki ye pura area hi Haunted hai .Well maine car ke chaaro trfe se phool se paani ka chir kao to kr diya ur uske baad main car me aakr beth gaya tha ur uske baad koi aisi activity car ke andr to nho hui lkn aas pass se payalo ki chan chan ur kisi ke chilane ki awaaz laga taar aati rhi puri raat hum logo ne car me jagh kr ur apne mantro ko jaap krte hue guzari. kisi trha se jb subha hoi to hum logo ne waha se car bhaar nikali lekin zyada dur hum jaa nhi sakte the kyunki holi thi ur log aise me car ke upr gobar khichad daalte islye car ko ek jagha la kr khada kr diya , ur hum sabhi soo gaye 10 baje hum logo ki aankh khuli bhuk bhut tez laghi thi islye koi dhaba talaash krne gaye lekin holi ki vajha se sb band the badi mushkil se hume ek dhaba khula mila jha jaa kr hum logo ne break fast kiya ur 2 baje ke kareeb hum logo ne vaha se vapsi kr li.
vha se aate wqt maine handycamm ko dekha na chaha ki hum logo ki video kesi aai to dekha ki wo handycamm pura format tha jb ki hum logo ne us pr raat 9 baje tk video shoot ki thi ur us wwqt 4GB me sirf 200 MB space hi free tha , iske siva mere ek friend ne bhi apne mobile me ye khte hue pics khichi thi ki mera mobile acha hai tum muj se le lena ,to uska phone ka memory card bhi purhi tarha format tha. Shaam 6 baje tk hum log apne gha r aa gaye . Hum sb dare hue bhi the ur thake hue bhi lekin hum logo ne apni is trip ke baare me ab tak kuch bhi nahi btaaya hai.
Ye jo ghatna hai bilkul sach hai ye wo incident hai jise hum ne real me face kiya hai. Mujhe Adventure ka shauk hai lekin ye adventure me dubara dhorana na nhi chunga .

Bhangarh achi jagha hai locations achi hai lekin sirf din ke liye ye koi picnic spot nhi hai yaha raat rukne ki koshish na kre nhi to kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Jo ise sach maane useke liye ye salha hai ur jo ise jhut maane us ke liye chalenge hai ki ek raat zra guzar ke to dikhaye Bhangarh me..

Thanks & Regards
Faisal Zaidi







Hi, Pratik Thanks for

Hi, Pratik

Thanks for supporitng me.

Main aaj kal peranormal places pr hi research kr rha hun.

Next 4 months me main aur meri puri team phir se jayenge puri tyari ke sath apne saare equipment le kr ,, abhi election ki wajha se permission nhi mil paa rhi hai government se.


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